Mattman's America's Army Script Generator 2

Mattman's America's Army Script Generator Version 2 Create Admin Forceclass Scripts automatically with this Program. - Has the Option to...


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Mattman's America's Army Script Generator Version 2

Create Admin Forceclass Scripts automatically with this Program. - Has the Option to Automatically Insert Admin Messages and Admin Say messages directly from the program into the script without opening up the script in a Text editor and messing with it yourself. - Has the ability to generate Single Gun scripts (ex. g) or multigun scripts (ex. g, ar, r, rct, and whatever else you want) - *New* Has A.S.E (Advanced Script Editor) for manually editing scripts. - *New* Has Microsoft Save dialogs so you can save your script anywhere you like. (like any other standard Microsoft product)

Tested working on Windows XP and Vista

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Version 2.0 Release Notes:

*Complete Rebuild on 4-12-08 from the ground up
*Added Save dialog (Microsoft Standardized)
*Added the A.S.E. (Advanced Script Editor)
*More User friendly GUI
*Added Menu bars
*Main Support Site :

*Updates will come as needed in Future*


1) Press the "Select Weapons" button.
---A Window will pop Up with All available Weapons that you can select.
---Select a Load out of your choice (either from the Presets or the Check boxes)
---Press "Done Selecting Weapons" button. This window will go away
---All selected Weapons will now be in the "Weapons at a Glance" Box.

2) Type in  Custom Admin Message
---If no message is desired, leave it as the default "Brought to You by the [-EDS-] Script Gen"

3) **OPTIONAL**  Type in up to 3 Admin Say messages that will appear in the console (useful for saying No reloads, Nades only, etc)
---You MUST select the "Use Line #" check box next to each line for the messages to appear in the script

4) Press the "Generate" Button
---The Save File Dialog box will pop up, enter Filename and browse to the save location of you Choosing.
---Press "Save"
---It takes between 5 and 10 seconds to Generate the script. Please give it time before you decide its broken.

5) **OPTIONAL**  After Generation, you will be asked if you would like to Open up your script in the A.S.E (Advanced Script Editor)
If you say yes, you will be taken to the A.S.E.
If you say no, YOUR SCRIPT WILL NOT BE DELETED. Your scripts are still there even if you say no. The A.S.E is for further customization of the scripts and is NOT necessary.
If fact if you do not know how to Manually edit scripts, then its recommended do not mess with them.

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