Operation Zero Tolerance

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The Bear Force CT Unit started early last year making a new movie, titled Operation Zero Tolerance. It's high quality well made approx. 20min movie. It does not contain any public fraggin, it's made with professional tools and has a well written script.



Operation Zero Tolerance

A 4 man team, Delta Five Five from 2nd Batalion was conducting a routine security check on an abandoned oil refinery.
The team was ambushed by an overwhelming number of enemy forces. Base command received a distressing radio transmission from the
team. After few minutes, radio communications to the team was lost.

It was assumed that the whole team was killed. Quickly, commanders contacted Bear Force CT Unit for a quick reaction. A special
6 men taskforce was assembled from ODA 734, ODA 574 and ODA 585.

This taskforce was called Gladiator 2. They were briefed and deployed about 30km's from the Oil Refinery itself. Gladiator 2's
primary mission was to see what the situation was in the oil refinery and eleminate all enemies they may encounter. There
was not much to salvage. Intel had reported that the Oil Refinery is being held by 20-30 well trained and equipped unknown
terrorist group.

While on theyre way to the objective the team was ambushed multiple times. This is the story of the 6 men who were sent to get
their friends back and retaliate with extreme force.



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