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PaS Cam is the newest and latest way to make movie in America’s Army. Aspiring movie directors and movie editors are constantly looking for new ways to create and shoot new films to quench their creative hunger. With the new PaS Cam all this is possible. You can shoot in many different ways including creating camera paths, freezing an action scene of your choice and even creating the effect of snow that “sticks” to the camera.Well if you are still asking what PaSCam is. Here is the full explination

PaSCam ( Protect and Serve Camera ) is a demo recam tool for the America’s Army game. It allows for enhanced playback controls while viewing demos aswell as ‘fixing’ some animations to more closely recreate the experience of live online play. Using a demo that you have recorded normally ( PaSCam does NOT record demos for you, it is an OFFLINE tool for demo VIEWING afterwards. DO NOT load any PaSCam related files if you intend on going online ), you may use PaSCam to review what you have recorded ( or use someone else’s demo that you have downloaded ). Once in the demo playback, with PaSCam loaded, a whole range of options are now available to you -> Pause, Fast Forward, Slow down, Jump to Next round, switch from first person view to 3rd person view, Ghostcam ( freecamera mode that allows you to ‘ghost’ throughout the map ), Jump to next player ( spectate next player ), make camera paths ( path you create that makes the camera follow a specific route, like if it was on a track ), fog on/off, tag walls with graphics, projectile chase cam ( follows things like 203s, nades.. ), etc. The idea behind PaSCam was to allow for a maximum amount of freedom while viewing demos. This in turn expands possibilities for movie making based off of AA footage, as well as demo review for such things as the competitive community in case of disputes, verifying claims of cheating/exploits or simply to be able to watch a match after the fact. PaSCam does not modify demo content. Events recorded will occur in the order they were recorded in ( i.e. XXXplayer shot YYYplayer ). PaSCam does not ‘fix’ AA demos completely animation wise ( still a lot of bugs to fix ). The demoengine for Unreal Engine 2.5 is not fully functional together with AA, we know this first hand, therefore these inherent bugs we’re tackling are pretty much the result of Epic’s handiwork and should not be blamed on the DEVs at AA, and the AA code to watch demos wasn’t implemented fully. That being said, there was a lot that can be done to improve demo playback that would refine demo viewing. Thus PaSCam was born.


PaSCam is a non-official, multi-featured America's Army demo review tool

This is the Mini version of PaSCam for AA 2.6 . It does not contain all the previous features found in the last version of PaSCam. Over time, these features along with new features will be integrated with each Mini release version, until gradually a 'full' version will be available.

Needless to say, there might be some small bugs in the MiNi releases, but nonetheless very usable.

Features Included:

- Fully Compatible with AA version 2.6
- Spectate Players
- HoverCam (point-and click follow players w/integrated info ability + chasecam)
- HoverCam ability to lock onto pretty much anything that moves
- Some basic smart context menus (more coming!)
- GhostCam (like hovercam except featureless)
- Linear (basic, crappy) camera paths
- Fully configurable key/mousebutton configuration using user.ini file
- Other default options configurable through user.ini now too
- Don't need to manually load the cam anymore ( No longer need to hit Numpad 0 )
- Some first-person weapon firing fixes (muzzleflashes/sounds+reloads)

Features NOT Included yet:

- Most 1st Person Animation Fixes (such as 203 idle animations, etc)
- Other 1st Person animation fixes like nade pinging/throwing
- Real Camera Paths (smooth & rounded)
- 3rd Person Animation Fixes (nade anims)
- Full menu system
- Locking onto players/projectiles from within camera playback
- Auto-projectile/nade chase camera
- Leans (nope, no leans yet)

Neat New Features Being Worked on for this set of versions:

- Moveable/editable camera nodes with different settings
- Neat Context Menus for everything
- Different camera path modes (linear, spline, orbital ...)
- In-game binding/saving of pascam settings
- Other neat stuff
- Naming contest for the full-featured version which is coming up


How to use:

There are 4 completely different modes to use PaSCam

1) HoverCam (default)
2) PlayerCam (jump between players, etc)
3) PlayBack (path playback)
4) GhostCam (like hovercam except you have no options)
Most of the time you will probably want to use either HoverCam or PlayerCam. The Camera Paths aren't finished yet.

This is the new design structure

********* HoverCam *******

You start in HoverCam by default now when you are in the demo.

This is the default setting now, it's new, it's a fancy version of ghostcam. Fly around, left-click on objects (like players) of interest to lock onto them. It will chase them around when they move until they disappear or you left-click again. Right-click brings up a context info/identify/modify menu depending on what you're locked onto.

If you're locked onto a player it will display a player info box. Right click or hit a key to hide this box again. If you're locked onto a different object it'll tell you the object's name and it's mesh. If you're locked onto a camera node you can open a context menu by right-clicking and then either go into 'move' mode or 'rotate' mode or delete the node. In move mode you can push/pull the node to where you want it. (these features are currently under development.) In rotate mode you can rotate to the desired rotation.

********* PlayerCam *******
This is where you can jump from player to player. Hit 'B' (or whatever key you set) to toggle behindview and jump into the player's viewpoint. JumpToNextPlayer button is J by default and you can click it numerous times (especially if it doesn't jump to the next player, just keep clicking) and it'll take you to that player. If you want to follow a specific player, you can try to lock onto them (default key L) and it'll probably take you back to that player you locked onto every time the player has a visible/active pawn that was recorded by the demo. (I think this works, haven't tested it much)

********* PlayBack (path playback) *******
This is like the old path playback. It's not done yet, but linear simple paths are in that change FOV and rotation and location from one point to the next. Works like the old camera paths except you have to go to another PaSCam mode like HoverCam in order to stop playback.

CAMERA PATHS ARE NOT COMPLETELY DONE YET. Working on multi-mode paths with simple linear (current), in addition to other modes like editable spline, suction, sin-modulated, velocity-dependent FOV altering, auto-locking onto various objects and different speed modulation functions in addition to other rotational fixes such as relative-only or accumulative rotation calculations. (Current release has only pure linear with accumulative non-normalized rotation with individual coordinate (xyz) linear interpolation straight to next value by the time it reaches next point. Node roll is currently not adjustable, however node location and Yaw/Pitch are currently adjustable. Working on fixes collision problems and node-spawn problems (you can't spawn nodes outside worldspace yet) and the initial dark period in the beginning.

********* GhostCam ****
This is basically just HoverCam without anything exciting. Fly around the map. That's all you get. I'd use HoverCam actually, not sure why we still have ghostcam.


More Stuff in the readme about Key configs, etc. Enjoy.

You get problems ? Drop a post over at http://www.pascam.net


The source files for PaSCam ('Mini') can be found here:

http://www.pasclan.com/pascam/PaSCam0261a.rar As usual you need to know what to do with source files in order to gain any benefit from them. You won't be able to compile anything without the necessary tools and no public tools exist in order to compile files for AA version 2.6. But this is how it works, so hope you can use that :)


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