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EvenBalance has begun an open beta test of a new application for use in manually installing and/or updating PunkBuster software. "PBSetup" will update PunkBuster for all PB enabled games. This program is designed to completely replace the outdated PBWEB command line utility as a quicker, more reliable, user-friendly graphical tool.

Features: 1. Ability to install/update PunkBuster software for multiple supported games on an OS platform 2. Ability to correct corrupted installations of the PunkBuster software 3. Self-updating executable; you may from time to time be notified of new versions of PBSetup itself. A download and update will happen automatically



How to Install PBSetup:

1.  Place the file in an appropriate directory:
    For Mac - Unarchive the file to your Desktop (this should happen automatically)

2.  Run PBSetup:
    For Mac - If the archive expanded correctly in your Desktop folder, you should have a pbsetup.run application link; double click this.

For Support:

Please communicate directly with our staff using our web trouble-ticket system for any issues related to PBSetup:


In addition, be aware that PBSetup attempts to locate the installation directory of any game automatically.  It does this using a series of game hints.  The game hints; can be registry entries, hardcoded directories, or system environment variables.  Although PBSetup currently detects the game installation paths well, there is a chance that we've missed some locations.  If you find that PBSetup does not automatically find your game installation, please fill out a trouble ticket and let us know.  Please include the game, your OS, and the complete path to your PB folder.

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