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PhantomScript version 1.5
By -=[10thSFG]=-Phantom

Warning messages displayed with all grenades.
"Cover me" messages displayed when reloading or fixing jam.
Go into "silent config" with no messages to team at the press of a button.
Customizable config
"Need Backup" key.
Netspeed Tweak Utility

How to install:

Unzip all .txt files into the ArmyOps/System directory.
Make sure "use folder names" is checked.

How to configure:

Each file is categorized into what keys are within.
To change your keyboard layout, open the appropriate file for what
you wish to change.
For example, if you wish to change your movement keys, you will have to
open movement.txt.
You will see the following format:

bind (key) (command)

so, lets say you want to change your forward key to Q.
change the line below:

bind w moveforward


bind q moveforward

Please note that you should check if q is already used for something else.
If it is, you'll have a conflict, and q will only work for one function.

If you want to edit combat or utility keys, you will have to edit both silent
and norm versions of the appropriate files.
Make sure you only change the keys, changing the commands will make the
scripts malfunction.

How to use:
Once PhantomScript is configured, open the game and type "exec pscript/ps.txt" in
the console.

Using the Netspeed Tweak Utility:
While connected to a server, once the first round starts you may wish to adjust
your netspeed.
While this program will not let you "fine-tune" your netspeed,
it will allow you to quickly reconfigure for a laggy server.
To use the netspeed tweak utility, press the button to turn it on
(by default L).  Now you will see a monitor in the upper left
of your screen showing your ping, packetloss, and a few other lines.
Now, starting with 1, press each button, then wait a few seconds.
Notice the change in ping and packetloss.
Go all the way from 1 to 0, then press the button of the number
that seemed to give the best ping and lowest packetloss.

Customizing messages:
Each command that displays a message can be customizable.
For example, if you'd like to change the message displayed
when pulling out a frag grenade, open frag.txt
You can change the message to anything you want, as long as the first line
(grenadefrag) remains untouched.
The procedure for editing other messages is very similar.

You may freely distribute PhantomScript, only if all files are included
and unmodified.
You may modify PhantomScript any way you wish, but you may not distrbute
modified copies, or create derivative works.
PhantomScript is "use at your own risk", the creator has no liability for
anything that might go wrong using this script.

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