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Check readme below, it tells you everything you need



PhantomScript can now be configured in-game! 
Netspeed Tweak Utility helps adjust for laggy servers. 
Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast Tweak Utilities allow video changes on the fly. 
Commo messages are available for most in-game actions. 
The "silent medic" allows you to call for a medic without revealing your position. 
PScore: Lets you keep track of score for matches. 
PTime: Displays local time in game chat. 
Report Enemy Contacts upon firing 
Netspeed tweak utility has been fixed so that chat text does not interfere with the monitor. 

How to install: 

Unzip all files into the America's Army/System directory. 
Make sure "use folder names" is checked. 

How to configure: 

Go to the settings/controls menu in America's Army. 
You can re-assign your keys to include commo messages during actions such as 
pulling out a grenade, switching weapons, reloading, etc. 
All tweak utilities are under the "more" menu. 

Using the Netspeed Tweak Utility: 
While connected to a server, once the first round starts you may wish to adjust 
your netspeed. 
While this program will not let you "fine-tune" your netspeed, 
and will allow you to quickly reconfigure for a laggy server. 
To use the netspeed tweak utility, hold the button to turn it on 
(you must assign this button in the settings menu). Now you will see a monitor in the upper left 
of your screen showing your ping, packetloss, and a few other lines. 
Netspeed will reset to 10000 (max netspeed), and will change by 500 depending on which 
key you press. Pressing the NumPad + key increases the netspeed, NumPad - decreases the netspeed. 
Notice the change in ping and packetloss. 
Adjust the netspeed until you have optimal packetloss (idealy 0) and optimal ping (lower the better). 
Let go of the button when you're done adjusting. 

Using the Video Tweak Utilities: 
New to PhantomScript 2.0 is the ability to adjust your brightness, contrast, and gamma 
more accurately than using the game's menu or the F10 & F11 keys. 
After assigning keys for Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast in the settings menu, 
press the key of what you want to adjust. By default, all the video settings are 
reset to the maximum when running the tweak utility. Unlike the netspeed tweak utility, 
you do not need to hold the button of what you wish to adjust. Once you have pressed the 
corresponding key, use the NumPad + and - keys to adjust your settings. 

Using PScore: 
Go to the settings and choose what key will activate the scoreboard module. 
Use the NumPad to adjust scores as follows: 
Team A (generally your own team): 7 increases # wins, 1 decreases # wins, 4 displays # wins 
Team B: 8 increases # wins, 2 decreases # wins, 5 displays # wins 
Ties: 9 increases # ties, 3 decreases # ties, 6 displays # ties 
To reset the scoreboard simply press the activation key, and the score will be wiped clean. 

Using PTime: 
Before running America's Army, run PhantomTime.exe which is located in the America's Army/System/Ptime directory. Leave this program running, and launch AA. 
Go to the settings under the "More" menu, and bind a key for local time. 
When in a server, press that key to send your local time to chat. Time is displayed in military format (24 hour clock). 

Reporting enemy contacts upon firing: 
Under Settings->Controls->Combat you will see two new features - Fire w/Enemy contact report and Area Secure. Bind Fire w/Enemy contact report to your left mouse button, and bind Area Secure to the key of your choice. 
When you fire your weapon, you will report your location and message to your team that you have an enemy contact. Note that the message will not be displayed again until you press the Area Secure button. 
Once the enemy has been neutralized, press your Area Secure button, and you will reset the left mouse button for the next enemy contact. 

Customizing messages: 
Each command that displays a message can be customizable. 
You must open your keybindings.ini file, and find the appropriate 
commo message. You can edit this to say whatever you want. 
Save the file, re-open AA, and re-assign your key. 

You may freely distribute PhantomScript, only if all files are included 
and unmodified. 
You may modify PhantomScript any way you wish, but you may not distrbute 
modified copies, or create derivative works. 
PhantomScript is "use at your own risk", the creator has no liability for 
anything that might go wrong using this script.

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