Pipeline SF Guide




The Foxhole has released yet another Tactical Resource Guide in their series of compilations for each America's Army map.

Pipeline SF

Tactical Resource Guide v1.1 In PDF Format

~Table of Contents~ 1.0 ~ Introduction & word from writer 2.0 ~ Map Overview & Weapons 3.0 ~ Assault 3.1 ~ Assault Mission 3.2 ~ Assault Routes 3.3 ~ Assault lookout zones 3.4 ~ Assault Primary Objectives 4.0 ~ Defense 4.1 ~ Defense Mission 4.2 ~ Defense 203 Locations 4.3 ~ Defense Points 4.4 ~ Defense protection tactics 5.0 ~ Closing & Credits 6.0 ~ Legal Information



I’ve decided to focus on the entire map: SF Pipeline. I love this map more than the regular pipeline for its more mature and the players on it aremore experienced, which in my mind equals a more enjoyable experience. Ok, so what about the regular pipeline? Well you will find this guide talks about many tactics that you can utilize in the normal version. Aside from it being dark, and having sopmods it isn’t at all that much different. 

So Read on Soldier!  There is a lot to read and so little time!

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