Ro-Longo Commo Pack



Whats new (v6.1) Fixed turnspeed value to default Removed Colored Text codes (Colored text no longer works in game)



Ro-Longo Comm Pack V6.1  Install and User Guide
Americas Army Version 2.2.1
Date of this File January 6, 2005
email: [email protected]

Thanks for useing this file
Feel free to distribute or edit this file as needed

Easy Install Instructions

(1)  CLICK start / my computer / (harddrive) / program files / army operations / system
(2)  COPY user.ini file to a safe place.
(3)  UNZIP all files into same folder on step 1
(4)  START game and go to "Personnel Jacket"  screen and follow on-screen directions

Printing Tips

When printing the Keyboard pics go to your printing preferences and select SCALE TO FIT,
then select scale to fit paper, files a best printed in LANDSCAPE form.

Whats new (v6.1)
Fixed turnspeed value to default
Removed Colored Text codes (Colored text no longer works in game)

Whats New (v6.0)
-Automatically yell FRAG OUT! when throwing a smoke grenade, very usefull to trick op4
-Two keys to toggle the above feature on and off.
-Set Keys for Increase, Decrease and Zero Range
-Moved some keys around
-No Longer able to switch from hand signals to Squad Leader comms due to the fact that
 TWL no longer permits the use of the command "exec"
-Disabled double tap sprint
-Removed some Keys to make room for new features

Whats New (v5.0)
-Added Weapons Mods Keys (O,p,[)
-Added Getting an INCENDIARY Grenade Ready!! when selecting it.
-Added Pistol selection 
-Removed the Medic keys, they are now in game features.
-Changed some of the location of Keys
-Fixed Squad Leader comms for 2.0

Whats New (v4.0)

New Feature!! 
-"Slow Aim" Press and hold "Z" key and your mouse sensitivity goes from 2.0 to .5, Release and
mouse speed goes back to 2.0

-Removed "Reloading, Watch my Back!!" from the reload key
-Added "Objective D" (objectives on pipeline are listed with A,B,C,D)
-Switched F and G keys. Now the Action Key is closer to movement keys.
-Added "Cover ME" when fixing jam
-Minus Key on NUMPAD toggles Hand Signals and Squad Leader Comms
-When switching to SSG comms it will say "Squad Listen UP!!"
-When switching to HAND SIGNALS it will say "Look for my Hand Signals"
-F5 is now screen shot key
-F6 is now the votekick key
-CONTROL key is now left open for VOICE Communication programs (Teamspeak, Ventrillo) Allows
for a "PRESS TO TALK" key. Or for a custom key bind.
-Zero key on NUMPAD calls for a MEDIC and also reports your position.
-Added 3 Medic communications
  O = &quot;<-- MEDIC reporting for Duty&quot;
  P = &quot;MEDIC OVER HERE!!  I will hold my position, Can you make it?&quot; (also Reports your location)
  [ = &quot;MEDIC ON THE WAY!!  Take Cover and hold your position!&quot; (also Reports your location)
-Moved FRAG'EM, SMOKE'EM, and FLASH'EM keys
-Moved &quot;Sniper&quot; key
-Moved &quot;Dont Shoot, I am friendly&quot; key
-Removed &quot;psst&quot; (whiper mode)
-Removed &quot;GRENADE, TAKE COVER&quot; key

WHATS NEW (v3.0)

*Num Pad can now be switched from HAND SIGNALS to SQUAD LEADER COMMUNICATIONS (see key discription)

*2 new text files - used for the commpack

*3 new color keyboard layouts

*3 Black & White keyboard layouts for easier printing

*Removed Silent Frag out system (To throw a grenade without yelling &quot;Frag Out&quot; go into slow
walk {shift key} then throw the grenade.

*Removed Enable/Disable Hand signals

*Added Team text for the following
{FIX JAM} - says &quot;Weapon JAMMED!!, Cover me!!&quot;
{Smoke} - says &quot;Getting a Smoke Grenade Ready!!&quot;
{Flash} - says &quot;Getting a FLASH-BANG Ready!!&quot;

*Changed Team text for the following
{Grenade, Take Cover} - says &quot;Watch out!!&quot;

*Added &quot;Sniper&quot; key {up arrow}

*Added Command Post key (Admin Only)

*Alot of new keys added, moved or changed. See Key discription for more info

Keyboard Features: (Keys with an * have been modified) < updated for V6.1 >

(F1) = Show Scores
(F2) = Select Weapon
(F3) = Select Team
(F4) = Show Objectives
(F5) = Screenshot
(F6) = VoteKick
(F7) = Command Post (Admin Only)
(F8) = Communication Cycle
(F9) = Say &quot;I'm Hit&quot;
(F10) = say &quot;Check Your Flanks&quot;
(F11) = say &quot;Ready&quot;
(F12) = say &quot;Get the Door&quot;
(~) = Bring down console
(1) = Switch to Rifle
(2) = Switch to FRAG / Say &quot;FRAG ready!&quot; 
(3) = Switch to SMOKE grenade / say &quot;SMOKE Grenade Ready!!&quot;
(4) = Switch to FLASH grenade / say &quot;FLASH-BANG Ready!!&quot;
(5) = Switch to INCENDIARY grenade / say &quot;INCENDIARY Grenade Ready!!&quot;
(6) = Switch to Hand Gun (sniper only)
(7) = Say &quot;Roger&quot; / Hand Signal (Affirmative)
(8) = Say &quot;Negative / Hand Signal (Negetive)
(9) = Say &quot;Move Out&quot; / Hand Signal (Move Out)
(0) = Say &quot;Stop&quot; / Hand Signal (Stop)
(-) = Say &quot;Enemy Down&quot;
(=) = Say &quot;Enemy Spotted&quot;
(Back Space) = Throw Weapon
(Tab) = Report Position
(A) = Strafe LEFT
(B) = Switch to Binnoculars
(C) = Crouch
(D) = Strafe RIGHT
(E) = Lean RIGHT
(F) = Use / Action
(G) = Fix Jam / say &quot;Weapon JAMMED!!&quot; / say &quot;Cover Me&quot;
(H) = Supported Fire Mode / 203
(I) = Say &quot;North&quot;
(J) = Say &quot;Down&quot;
(K) = Say &quot;West&quot;
(L) = Say &quot;East&quot;
(M) = Say &quot;Right&quot;
(N) = Say &quot;Left&quot;
(O) = Disable Frag out Shout / say &quot;NOT yelling Frag Out! when I throw a SMOKE grenade&quot;
(P) = Enable Frag out Shout / say  &quot;Yelling Frag Out! when I throw a SMOKE grenade&quot;
(Q) = Lean LEFT
(R) = Reload
(S) = Move Backwards
(T) = Talk (send text message to all) 
(U) = Say &quot;Up&quot;
(V) = Turn Night Vision Goggles ON/Off
(W) = Move Forward
(X) = Crawl
(Y) = Team Talk (send text message to Team only)
(Z) = Slow Aim
(space) = Jump
(Caps-Lock)  = Spin Max. 180 deg. : Must hold key down until turn completed, other-
                                    wise will turn less than 180 deg.
(Shift) = ZOOM
(Ctrl) = (NOT USED)
(Alt) = Sprint
(L-Arrow) = Objective B&quot; / Hand Signal (Look This Way)
(R-Arrow) =Say &quot;Objective D&quot; / Hand Signal (Look This Way)
(Up-Arrow) = Say &quot;Objective A&quot; / Hand Signal (Look This Way)
(Dn-Arrow) = Say &quot;Objective C&quot; / Hand Signal (Look This Way)
(Scroll-Lock) = Adjust Brightness Up one Level / Cycles
(Pause) = Adjust Gamma Up one Level / Cycles
(Insert) = Radio mode
(Home) = Shout mode
(Page-Up) = Whisper mode
(Delete) = say &quot;Frag'em
(End) = Say &quot;Smoke'em
(Page-Down) = say &quot;Flash'em&quot;
( [ ) = reportin / say &quot;STOP SHOOTING AT ME!!&quot;
( ] ) = say &quot;Sniper&quot;
( \ ) = say &quot;REPORT YOUR LOCATION&quot;  <--- TEXT ONLY
( ; ) = say &quot;Hooah&quot;
( ' ) = Global Message
(Enter) = Toggle Slow/Fast Walk
(KP / ) = SSG say &quot;Great Job Team&quot; 
( * ) = SSG say &quot;Good Job Soldier&quot; 
(KP - ) = Supressor 
(KP + ) = say &quot;Grenade&quot; / On key relese say &quot;Take Cover&quot;
( , ) = say &quot;South&quot;
( . ) = Say &quot;Cover Me&quot; / Report Position
( / ) = Say &quot;Area Secure&quot;  / Report Positon
(KP .) = Say &quot;SORRY MY FAULT&quot;
(KP 0) = Call for Medic 
(KP 1) = Hand Signal (Move Out) 
(KP 2) = Hand Signal (Stop)  
(KP 3) = Hand Signal (Get Down) 
(KP 4) = Hand Signal (Look This Way) 
(KP 5) = Hand Signal (Ready) 
(KP 6) = Hand Signal (Double Time) 
(KP 7) = SSG or Captain say &quot;Squad Report In&quot;
(KP 8) = Hand Signal (Affirmative) 
(KP 9) = Hand Signal (Negetive) 
(L Mouse) = Fire
(R Mouse) = Alt Fire
(Mouse Wheel Up) = Increase Range
(Mouse Wheel Down) = Decrease Range
(Press Mouse Wheel) = Zero Range


SkyLord (based my commpack from his.)
The {Eh} Team - El Manxo, Phreek and T-Rek (Used Keyboard Layout)
Keyboard Layout Edited with Adobe Photoshop 7
19D Cav Scout (Used Modified Version of his post on the &quot;SLOW AIM&quot;)

Known Issues:

If you select a smoke grenade with the frag out enabled and then switch to another
weapon, you will yell Frag Out when you press your fire button

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