[SO] Is Coming for You



Thank You for Downloading this file

1.Extract the files

2. Play the file named [SO]Video

3. Enjoy!!

You can play the video in winamp...or WMP or any other Media Player that may play .WMV files..You will need to have the lateset DVix Drivers...i bleive that the new codec is 5.0.5 Be sure that you have this codec because you will not be able to play it

How i made it:

I made this video With the Program called FRAPS(www.fraps.com)..and i encoded the video with Vitrual Dub...then i put it together in Windows Movie Maker i would like to thank the Entire [SO] Cast for helping me make this video This is my first atempted at making a video. I would especially like to thank Mr. [SO]_Javier_Perice for helping me make this Video..Thanks.. I hope u Enjoy and look for my Next Moive


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