TeiPir Random Weapons is a program which simply creates a txt with a random weapon command to be force classed. You simply put the exe in your america's army system directory and run it. You can define minutes you want the new weapon command to be created or even your own weapons.dat file so weapons of your choice can be read by the program and then be randomly chosen. When the program is running you can supply load whatever weapon the rand.txt has by typing exec rand.txt.



1) Place the exe in your america's army system folder

2) run the exe

2) Place a weapons.dat file (in the same folder as the exe) with the weapon names written in (column style) if you want only the weapons of your choice, else all the weapons of America's Army will be loaded.

4) define the minutes you want the weapons to be renewed

5) logged as admin in your server toggle forceclass on and then run everytime you want new weapons the rand.txt with tha "exec rand.txt" command

##find us in the teipir honorless server
##created by miza 18/9/08

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