The Uprising



Background information:

Initially, the movie was intended to be a simple clan movie, but, after almost 6 months of work, it ended up as one of the biggest esport movie projects. Over 40 people took part in it.


Most scenes were edited with a program named "PasCam", which was exclusively developed by -)(-PaS-)(- Clan to shoot movies in AAO.

You can download the "open source" version here: www.pasclan.com

Picture- and sound synchronization:

The dialogs used in this movie were taken from real movies, for example JERRY BRUCKHEIMERS "THE ROCK", JERRY BRUCKHEIMERS "BLACK HAWK DOWN" and the tv series "Over There"

Instead of using the ingame weapon sounds, the movie uses original sounds, taken from the movie "Black Hawk Down"



Length: 51:31 Min.

The Package includes Codec, Links, Pictures, the movie itself and the BS-Player.

One big "Thank You All" from Borberad:

Without the help of the German community, the movie wouldn't exist the way it does right now. He wants to thank all the people who took part in it.

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