Urban Assault Guide




This fantastic guide is brought to you by members of The Foxhole. It is one of the most advanced guides you will see.

Urban Assault Tactical Resource Guide

Table Of Contents 1.0 – Map Essentials 1.1 – West & East Overview 1.2 – West & East Routes 1.3 – West & East Sniper Positions 2.0 – Side Things 2.1 – Map Screenshots 2.2 – Description Screenshots 2.3 – Weapon Systems 2.4 – Secrets 3.0 – Credits 3.1 – Image Credits 3.2 – Information Credits 3.3 – Thank you page 4.0 – Closing So read on soldier! There’s a lot to read and so little time!



This is an early release of our Tactical Resource Guides.  We hope to have a guide for each map in the near future.  They will be modified and improved for future releases so stay tuned!

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