Whackassman's CommoPack



A very simple but effective commpack. Allowing ease of use and a quick understanding of where everything is



Hi, I am whackassman and thanks for downlaoding whackassman's commopack..... 

I beleive in simplicity and I keep my binds and special functions very simple and to a minimun. I know some commopacks that are loaded with useless binds and special functions. Whats differant about my commopack is that I make binds that you will actually use very often and find extremly usefull!

The key layout I use is not the defualt one, it is 10x better and more effective, it may take you a little time to get used to but it will be well worth the effort. 

Special features!
- Usefull GRENADE TAKE COVER bind on 0Ins key!

- Advanced target indication system using the KeyPad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 keys! Trust me, you'll love this one!

- Close quarter combat target indication system using the A, S, D & F keys!

How to use!
1: Go into your C:\Program Files\America's Army\System folder and look for the file called User.ini, it looks like a notepad with a golden-cog in the    bottom-right. Now make a copy of it and put it somewhere SAFE.

2: Now put the User.ini file that came with my pack into the same folder. 

3: Now start up AA and log-at the login screen.

4: Now go play and see what you think of my binds!

Any suggestions for future versions or feedback good and bad can be sent to [email protected]

**************************************** NOTE: IF YOUR MOUSE HAS NOT GOT A WHEEL THEN PLZ DO NOT USE THIS PACK. *********************************************

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