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America's Army Developer Team Bios

Ever wonder who the people are that create the Americas Army Game? Then head over to the Rally Point and read all about them on the Bios page! Read more


America's Army America's Army gets new firepower

The following selection contains intriguing figures regarding the cost of the America's Army project, its benefits, management, as well as the future of the project. It is a very interesting article. The final day of this year's Serious Games Summit started with a presentation by Colonel Casey War...


America's Army Day In The Life of A Developer

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an America's Army developer is like? Check out the latest publication on to see how Phillip Bossant, America's Army's Executive Producer and Art Director, spends his day. Read More


America's Army Army has next-gen in its battle plans

This article discusses the history and the future on the ever popular game. Check out the snippet below and head over to for the full article. "Working with the Army was quite an experience," says Michael Capps, who hired the original team, was lead designer and programmer,...


America's Army Americas Army on the Consoles! (UbiSoft)

Ubisoft and the U.S. Army are working together to develop a new and unique experience for console gamers that features all the action-packed realism that players have come to expect from the America's Army game brand. With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the vast military expertise of the...


America's Army Abraxas Bids His Official Farewell to AA

Hello AA fans. It’s been far too long since we last spoke. Many things have changed since then, and yet many others have remained the same. For me, this will serve as my official—albeit belated—farewell to the community, and a fitting end to the chapter of my life that was the America’s...


America's Army Pre College AA Lan Party

Back-To-School Rumble. Ten full hours of LAN party madness. Gigabit backbone ensures that everything will be what you expect out of Americas Army. More Information: [email protected] --Silent_Killer1


America's Army Augest Bash

Me and a group of friends who also host LAN partys from college will be meeting up in Maine, we will be discussing new and differant games for our lans. We try to sync our parties so people from multiple partys and state can meet online and game together. I would like to Promote more use of Americ...


America's Army Cary studio builds military training from a game, 'America's Army'

Since its introduction two years ago, the realistic online video game designed by the U.S. Army as a recruiting and training tool has been an hit. The combat game has more than 3.4 million registered users who have played more than 600 million missions.... "We're releveraging the Army's investm...


America's Army IONGAMERS announces an America's Army online cash prize tournament series

IONGAMERS announces an America's Army online cash prize tournament series For Immediate Release: New York, New York, February 17, 2004 - IONGAMERS ( ) International Organization of Networked Gamers, announces the America's Army online cash prize tournament series. The first t...


America's Army to Provide Official AA Servers and the U.S. Army announced today an agreement whereby NetFire will provide official honor servers for Americas Army game in Europe and the U.S. The increasing popularity of Americas Army in Europe and the U.S. resulted in the decision to add significantly to the number of game port...


America's Army AAFans Exclusive: Map Guides

Good news for everyone! AAFans has completed their first map guide! This guide is for the Special Forces:Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) map. Click here More to come soon!


America's Army Using PunkBuster as an Admin Tool

has craeted a guide in the Official America's Army Forums on how to use PunkBuster as an effective Admin Tool. It's quite an interesting read and I highly recommend that anyone who admins a private server reads it. You can read it here.


America's Army Hitzones and Weapons Damage on AA V2.0

AOA[-KILLATOMATE has created a great and useful 'chart' to show the hit points and damage you get with certain weapons! Check them out here


America's Army ArmyOps Tracker Offline

The people over at seem to be encountering some server side problems and have shut off their tracking systems! :( Here's what Homey said: We have too many problems with the server-side problems of AAO 2.0.0 We have tried a lot of things in the last days and tried nearly...


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