Major League Online (MLO) news!

Hey, there's a new clan league coming up! The league supports games like Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R.and Half-Life 2, but most im...

0 18 years ago
={7th}{ID}= Recruiting

[quote] The 7th Infantry Division is now recruiting come to our site and see if you meet our recruting requirement. More Information: ...

0 19 years ago
=CoW= Recruiting

[quote] =CoW= Commrads of War are looking for new recruits, please visit www.commradsofwar.uni.cc for more details. More Information: ...

0 19 years ago
The United Force Recruiting

[quote] The United Force uses teamwork and tactics to complete the objective which is at hand. If we are on Defense, we defend. If we are o...

0 19 years ago
[SOC] Is Recruiting

[quote] Special Operations Command are looking for members to join our new ranks. Newly founded clan, but with the experience from other cl...

0 19 years ago
[TUF] Recruiting

[quote] Hello everyone, The United Force is currently recruiting anyone who passes the requirements to join. Here is some information a...

0 19 years ago
=][SFTO][= Recruiting

[quote] Hey Soldiers, Come Check out =][SFTO][= We're A New Clan But growing, We Have A Honor Server And A Public/Private TS Server and Ven...

0 19 years ago
Seal Team -=Recruiting=-

[quote] Seal Team is having an open try out. We are looking for players that use teamwork and want to play with Seal Team in TWL and CAL le...

0 19 years ago
XMP Recruiting

[quote] Anyone who is interested in joining the XMP clan please email us at: [email protected] Tryout will be held August 10, 2004 at 11:00...

0 19 years ago
-=SMU=- is Recruiting

[quote] -=SMU=- Special Missions Unit is currently recruiting experienced gamers. We are looking for people who want to have fun but still ...

0 19 years ago
]KK[ Recruiting

[quote] Kold Killers Is Recruiting New Players. We Are Looking For Experienced Adults That Are From The US and Active In Americas Army. To ...

0 19 years ago
=IOA= Recruiting

[quote] Come to www.ioaclan.tk and Look around! Instructions on how to join The Immortals of America can be found at the site's forums. We ...

0 19 years ago
Soldier Alliance Recruiting

[quote] Soldier Alliance is looking for active & team players. Our server will be on Pipeline SF or Insurgent Camp. We hope everyone can ...

0 19 years ago

[quote] -SCF- will be recruiting new members during this time. Come join and meet players from around the world. More Information: h...

0 19 years ago
WCSF World Class Special Forces Recruiting

[quote] WCSF --- World Class Special Forces --- [)C(] "United we stand; together we fight, for it is not with victory shall we succeed, but...

0 19 years ago
=EF= (Elite Force) Is Recruiting

Elite Force is recruiting go to eliteforce.5u.com to sign up for our try outs More Info: http://eliteforce.5u.com [email protected]

0 19 years ago