America's Army

Grab the full game, then load up with mods, skins, maps, or check out the tools and utilities to create your own mods, because nobody gets the Army, like the Army.

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America's Army Major League Online (MLO) news!

Hey, there's a new clan league coming up! The league supports games like Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R.and Half-Life 2, but most importnat, Amercas Army. Check it out! MLO now paying ladder matchs! In trying to get more clans to join MLO and get the clans that have joined MLO more active. We are now offering $Cash$ to the clans in our pla...


America's Army ={7th}{ID}= Recruiting

The 7th Infantry Division is now recruiting come to our site and see if you meet our recruting requirement. More Information:


America's Army =CoW= Recruiting

=CoW= Commrads of War are looking for new recruits, please visit for more details. More Information:


America's Army The United Force Recruiting

The United Force uses teamwork and tactics to complete the objective which is at hand. If we are on Defense, we defend. If we are on Assault, we form squads and take out the objectives. Currently I am recruiting members to fill up our ranks, once I have enough players and a server I will be working out new squads and roles members will follow. Once...


America's Army [SOC] Is Recruiting

Special Operations Command are looking for members to join our new ranks. Newly founded clan, but with the experience from other clans as well as the AA Game. Only apply if you live in europe. Emphasis on Teamplay and Funplay!! Hope to see your application! myztiq EuroSOCOM Registration Limit: 10 More Information: myztiq@c...


America's Army [TUF] Recruiting

Hello everyone, The United Force is currently recruiting anyone who passes the requirements to join. Here is some information about us: We began around 1999, so we have been around for quite some time for multiple games. We try to get the most realism possible while still having a good time. We use military ranks and tactics while maintaining a clo...


America's Army =][SFTO][= Recruiting

[= We're A New Clan But growing, We Have A Honor Server And A Public/Private TS Server and Ventrillo Server. So Check Us Out at More Information:


America's Army Seal Team -=Recruiting=-

Seal Team is having an open try out. We are looking for players that use teamwork and want to play with Seal Team in TWL and CAL leagues. More Information:


America's Army XMP Recruiting

Anyone who is interested in joining the XMP clan please email us at: Tryout will be held August 10, 2004 at 11:00 AM. When you email us we will give you the server IP address. Registration Limit: 5 More Information: --Silent_Killer1