eSportsTV Interview

eSportsTV has recently conducted an interview with CyberNinja, an America's Army Community Manager.[quote]Here at eSportsTV we like to inter...

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TeamATi Interview

America's Army Community Manager, [b]CyberNinja[/b] recently got together with Malice, of Team ATi, to ask him a few questions. Malice spoke...

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Upcoming TSN Interview

[quote]Team Sportscast Network's Bridger and Harlock will interview Major Bret Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for the America's Army game p...

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Interview: [Dev]Pye

[quote]Double-T: Hello [Dev]Pye, thank you for doing this interview with us before the release of the new patch. We’re very happy with yo...

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GameDaily Biz interviews Major Chris Chambers

Major Chris Chambers was recently interviewed by GameDaily Biz. He is the Deputy Project Director for America's Army. Major Chambers discu...

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Colonel Wardynski Interview at E3

Colonel Wardynski, Project Director for the America's Army Game, was intervied at E3 by gamespot.com. [quote]This year at E3, one of the ...

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Homelan Talks with Phillip Bossant about Americas Army

Here are a few captures from the interview with Phillip Bossant, Americas Army's Art Director and Executive Producer [quote]HomeLAN - Fir...

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New Interview!

[quote]It's the 1st of the month and peeps are hungry for more information so what better way than to answer questions posed by the communit...

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Texas' Clan Abraxas Interview

The newest interview with the big cheese abraxas can be found at http://texasclan.vastcity.com/interview.htm Talking about everything fro...

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Interview with [Dev]Kermit

[quote]E3 stuff [PoT]: With PunkBuster being implanted this summer will the dev team have to anything different with the way you guys co...

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Latest interview with Alex Mayberry a.k.a. [DEV]Abraxas!!!

Anticheat measures Inkub: When PunkBuster software will be implemented? [DEV]Abraxas: I do not have an exact date at this time, but I esti...

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M1 Abrahms Tank in AA!?

I was reading an issue of PC GAMER when I came upon an interview with leaders of the Dev Team for AAO. They were discussing about what they ...

0 21 years ago
Latest interiew with [DEV]Abraxas on v1.6 and the future of AA!

[quote] MS: Tell us more about Test5 and why is it there? [DEV]Abraxas: It is there due to the fact that we accidentally left the screen...

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"Don't Post This' " Interview with [Dev]Kermit

Don't Post This has posted an interview with [Dev]Kermit. It talks about the future additions to AA , the code drop and how they will deal ...

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