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America's Army Americas Army Gamer Saves a life after using the Training from the Game.

Think playing video games is little more than a great way to waste time? Then you haven't met Paxton Galvanek. Last November, the twenty-eight year-old helped rescue two victims from an overturned SUV on the shoulder of a North Carolina interstate. As the first one on the scene, Galvanek safely remo...


America's Army The HTGN 'All Out War' Tournament Showdown!

The HTGN 'All Out War' Tournament Showdown Featuring approx. $15,000 in prize package payouts... Phase 1 will feature $5,000 in prize package payouts in a single elimination tournament for the following: * Steel Series® - America's Army 4v4 * Zboard® - Battlefield 2 8v8 Conquest...


America's Army Upcoming Release: Operation Zero Tolerance

The Bear Force CT Unit started early last year making a new movie, titled Operation Zero Tolerance. It's high quality well made approx. 20min movie. It does not contain any public fraggin, it's made with professional tools and has a well written script. It is to be tentatively released Wednesday, O...


America's Army Rise Of A Soldier Media Additions

Be sure to catch the latest media additions for the Official U.S. Army console game "Rise Of A Soldier." Learn some of the different roles within the Army and how they were designed in the game! Head over to the Rise of A Soldier website to check it out


America's Army New America´s Army: Rise of a Soldier Video @ E3

Hi all, a new video drom "America´s Army: Rise of a Soldier" was released @ the E3 enjoy ~Killa btw i Upload it the next minutes to our Download Database


America's Army 8 New America's Army: Stryker-Overmatch Screenshots

Gamespot has 8 new America's Army: Stryker-Overmatch screenshots. Check them out below and let us know what you think of them.


America's Army Audio Interview with Bacchus

Form the Dallas CPL held earlier this week, TeamSportcastNetwork (TSN) held an audio interview with MAJ Bret "Bacchus" Wilson. Towards the end of the roughly 45 minute interview an SCI Rep joins Bacchus to detail some of the future plans of SCI with America's Army, including IonGamers. Audio File...


America's Army Kick Ass Special Forces Wallpapers

What to see two of the best wallpapers to date relating to your favorite AA patch? Head on over to Intel Recon and check them out!


America's Army AA SF Commercial by Ignited Minds

Ignited Minds, the creators of the official America's Army website has a commercial video for AA:SF up on their website. Check it out here


America's Army New Dev Team Created Wallpapers

The artists on the development team wanted to show off the amount of detail they put into each and every model in the game. They thought the images were so outstanding they would make for some fantastic desktop wallpapers! Visit the Official Picture Gallery to see all the new Desktop Wallpaper...


America's Army 4 NEW AA: SF Screenshots!

The SAS Squad have released 4 NEW AA: SF Screenshots! View them below. Click to enlarge the images.


America's Army Proof that the YETTI exists!!!

The mystery of the Yetti has been unlocked! Yes, tipped off by the well known beta hunter Mofo we tracked down the yetti to its layer. Once we found it, it tried to defend it self we took a screenshot then shot it. =)


America's Army Wallpaper Contest Update

We have recieved 6 entries so far Created by Mcknight. Cross The Bridge Army Respect Created by Mark D. Henry Patriotic Sniper Created by Sd Sd A Bad Morning They Are Everywhere Created by xyanthrophil The Barrett Sniper We are looking for more entries so he has a challenge =) I will...