America's Army

Grab the full game, then load up with mods, skins, maps, or check out the tools and utilities to create your own mods, because nobody gets the Army, like the Army.

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America's Army We need more POTD's!

We need more good POTD's The 'Picture of the Day' can be a good laugh for everyone, we need more of you to upload your America's Army screenshots to us. Funny ones go down very well, but any nice scenes you manage to capture are also perfect for the AA Files POTD. The best POTD's are the ones w...


America's Army AAFiles Need You!!!

Hey, We at AAFiles need you the communities input into the site so we want to hear from you!!! do you have a file to share,know anything about a mod in developer, is your clan recruiting or are you having a AA lan party you want more people to attend then drop us a line here at AAF [email protected]


America's Army WANTED: Your thoughts

Calling all team captains (and teammates): if you had the ability to add/edit features to make America's Army more 'user friendly' for online matches (i.e. CAL/TWL/OGL/STA), what would they be? For example: - making it easier for team captains to switch players from one team to another, w/o d...


America's Army Get those Forums Moving!

We need to get these Forums moving. Post some topics and have some fun :D Also If you need to register a Forums Account you can do it here


America's Army Wallpaper Competition!

Thats right we are having a wallpaper competition. We want any wallpaper that has to do with either of the Americas Army games. A Spiced up screenshot, art or a complete original! Please submit them in jpeg format and have the resolution between 800x600 to 1600x1200. Submit your Wallpapers to delt...


America's Army AAFiles Goal for August!!

I have come up with a goal that i think we should be able to meet by the end of august. The goal is to have us transfer at LEAST 1 terabyte of data to you the AA community =) Lets see if we can make this happen!!!!! Happy Downloading


America's Army Files!

Thats right we want all the files you can send us!!! Wallpapers,server tools and locators, movies of AA in action, news that we don't have, screenshots of up and coming releases )if we don't already have them ehheheh)


America's Army Wallpapers

I noticed that there isn't that many wallpapers for AA out there. I am requesting that you make some great looking wallpapers and send them to me. They just may go on the site for all to see and admire =)