America's Army

Grab the full game, then load up with mods, skins, maps, or check out the tools and utilities to create your own mods, because nobody gets the Army, like the Army.

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America's Army Downloads Still Broken!!!

I thought the downloads were fixed, but it seems there's still a smal bug in the system We'll have it fixed as soon as possible so you can all download America's Army again... and offcourse... play it ;) The higher filefront staff is also aware of the matter and is working on it. Again I'm sorry for the inconvenience and in the meanwhile you can get Ameri...


America's Army Versions 2.8.0 And 2.8.1 Are Back Up!

The America's Army Versions 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 Are Back Up! Due to some changes I made, the files moved to a wrong location. Again I'm sorry for the inconvenience With Kindest Regards Enemy 1


America's Army Alternative Download Locations

As stated earlier both the V2.8.0 and V.2.8.1 downloads are down. Two alternative URL's to download America's Army can be found below America's Army Version 2.8.0 Coalition : Click Me America's Army Version 2.8.1 Overmatch : Click Me On these sites you will find a list with available and secure download locations for both versions. :D


America's Army Downloads Broken

Due to a fault I made earlier, both the V2.8.0 and V2.8.1 version downloads are down at I'll try to get them running as soon as possible Till further notice the downloads are both disabled. I apologise for the inconvenience With Kindest Regards; Enemy 1 America's Army Files Site Admin


America's Army Poll Results

I know I promised they would be up way earlier... I'm sorry But I made a small sub-page which displays the latest and earlier poll results. It can be found under Poll Results in the Site Info menu, or you could go to it right now by clicking this link: Have a Look ;) With Kindest Regards Enemy 1


America's Army America's Army Files Contest!

The News Well Ladies and Gentleman... Some New ehm... News. I recently noticed that the activity around comments/voting/potd etc. was very small. As curious as I am I would like to know why that is... because a problem can always be fixed ;). Now, I would like to know what has to be done to increase the ammount of activity. But that can't be done in...


America's Army POTD News

As you have probably seen aafiles front page was not looking quite right. This was due to server maintenance, and it was offline for longer than expected. The server is now back online, however there are still a number of issues that are to be fixed. As of writing this we still have no access to uploading a new POTD and site updates are still a bit dod...


America's Army Network Downtime

As many of you may have noticed, there is a bit of downtime through out of the network. This is because of some maintenance that is occurring network-wide. Unfortunately, no content besides news posts can be posted on any network site. We're doing our best to fix this problem. I shall post another news posts when we can start accepting content again...


America's Army Sxy_Sonic

Hey there, I'm the new Vice-Admin of AA files here at FileFront. I've been a staff member here at FileFront since December 2006. My Current Jobs for FileFront: Vice-Admin of AA files Gaming Forums - AA Section Moderator Hobbies: Photoshop CS2 - GFX. ie. creating sigs/wallpapers for others Dreamweaver 8 America's Army Counterstrike Source Co...