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Forbidden Trip is a Total Conversion mod for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.The project started in February 201...


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Forbidden Trip is a Total Conversion mod for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
The project started in February 2013, the final build was released in October 2022, after nearly ten years!

Here is the base of the plot… 

"Tomorrow evening. You have to leave the country in the next 24 hours… some important business. Suddenly you realize you have forgotten crucial files and your passport at work. Since you really need all this, you will have to drive there, hoping that there is still someone to let you enter… if not this will be an illegal entrance. This will take two minutes and then you'll be back home for dinner."

Who is that girl… Is this real… They want me… Are you proud? I hate you so much.

  • Over 2600 hours were needed to produce FT!
  • This Total Conversion is inspired by some Asian folklore, ghost stories and initially by (you may have guessed) the Corpse Party game series.
    The project quickly expanded and became something a lot more personal though.
  • New models, textures, soundtrack, SFX, interface, etc.
  • Various maps, various environments, in and out.

Between coldness and heat. | Between claustrophobia and agoraphobia.

Between you and me. | What have you done?

What is happening?

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Download '' (3.12GB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 25th November 2022 7:55pm

If you play on GOG, Steam, EGS… you already have it.
If you don't, download and install it from where you bought your game.

A clean installation is advised to avoid conflicts with other mods that could have broken, outdated content.

Put the folder "Forbidden_Trip" at the root of your "Amnesia The Dark Descent" folder.
That's it!

Put the folder "Forbidden_Trip" inside the "Redist" folder.
This folder is located inside your "Amnesia - The Dark Descent" folder.

Inside the "Forbidden_Trip" folder, you will find various launchers for Windows, Linux, macOs, next to this readme file.

To launch FT via Steam on Linux or macOs, right click on Amnesia: TDD, click properties, in launch options add:
Then launch Amnesia: TDD to play FT.
Please note that only 32 bit macOs are supported sadly.

=> Be sure you have a clean install of Amnesia without any custom content present (mods...) to avoid potential conflicts.

=> Some levels are very large so it can cause a crash on some older computers when they are loading, especially if you use an old 32 bit system instead of a 64.
To avoid it, do this quick manipulation (Windows):
-Close the game
-Go into C:\Users\[YOUR_NAME]\Documents\Amnesia\Forbidden_Trip
-Open "main_settings.cfg" with a notepad
-Search for "ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving="false"
-Change "false" to "true", save the file and quit the notepad.
-Restart the game

=> You might not be able to play at all on a 32 bit system.

=> If you ever get a crash when you load a new level, do not panic: just restart the game and load the last autosave to resume your progression exactly where you were.

=> For macOs and Linux, same logic applies: just find that "main_settings" file then edit it as shown above.

=> If you got a crash when launching the game or in the menu, you did not install Forbidden Trip correctly. If you are on Linux or macOs, please search support online.

**on Linux:
Just remove 'main_settings' file in:
'Home\.frictionalgames\Amnesia\Forbidden_Trip\', then restart FT.
**on macOs
Just remove 'main_settings' file in:
'~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Forbidden_Trip/'
**on Windows:
Just remove 'main_settings' file in:

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