Anthem's upcoming features have been put on hold

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Disappointingly for those anticipating Anthem's feature roadmap for 2019, it seems that plans have been put on hold as BioWare are re-focusing their efforts to fix some of the basic issues and bugs within the game, according to a thread on Reddit.

We have learned a lot since the game went live. We have heard a lot of feedback from all of you, and we have been working diligently to improve as many things as we can in the short term.

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs and made changes which we believe begin to point us in the right direction for the future. That being said, we know there is a long way to go before Anthem becomes the game we all want it to be. 

While the recently dropped 1.1.0 update does bring a new Stronghold, The sunken Cell, and some enhancements including access to the forge anywhere, as well as a whole host of UI enhancements, fixes and updates, the post goes on to explain that the team are "not going to hit all the goals on the Act 1 Calendar".

The reason is due to delays caused by bug fixing, stability enhancements, and improving existing gameplay over new features. 

We set aside time for this work, but the reality is there are more things to fix and improve than we planned for.  While this is the best thing to do for the game, it means some items from the calendar will be delayed.

The full list of delayed features include the Mastery System, guilds, Leaderboards, Cataclysm, and some events such as Legendary Missions, the Weekly Stronghole Challenge and some Freeplay Events

Cataclysm may be the next feature to be worked on, though, as the team consider this a "big focus" and that it will push the story of Anthem forward, with more info apparently due to drop on the status of this in May.

Also announced were some changes to the loot system due to feedback due to come at some stage, and the promise that they won't be promoting features so early going forward to avoid this kind of a disappointment.

There's some disquiet on the Reddit thread over the announcement, with players feeling frustrated that progress feels slow and that they would like to see a new plan. There's been some disappointment with the game due to issues and the number of players has dwindled as a result.

But, we know from first hand experience it's hard to get something right first time, and more importantly, you can never please anyone. Someone will always believe they can do better. The 1.1.0 patch at least brings some majorly welcome fixes to the game.


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