Apex Legends hackers find NPCs and Flamethrowers are coming

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

It seems with any update to multiplayer games, especially Battle Royale's like Fortnite and Apex Legends, attract the attention of so called 'dataminers',  people who trawl through the code to try and find any upcoming features, events or other assets that have been pushed to user's PC's but have yet to be unlocked within the game. 

This latest leak concerns Apex Legends, where evidence has now been uncovered that as well as NPC's coming to the game, something unusual for the genre, flamethrowers may also be coming, as well as a wall running ability. The leak seems to promote the idea that these new NPC's are coming to the rumored 'survival mode', where they will feature as audience members, cheering on players as they fight, but they also seem to have the ability to attack, take parts in fireteams, and even perform executions.

So they could be bots that fill in for the lack of real players, or something else entirely. They could be coming to any number of upcoming new mods, too, rather than the standard battle royale mode. 

It seems another bit of code found in the datamine suggests that a day and night cycle may be coming to the maps too, with the maps getting darker as the match progresses. This would make for some pretty tense final battles as the map goes from being busy and bright to dangerous and dark as the match goes on.

Wall running is also apparently planned according to code found within the update, and that should prove an interesting addition, adding a parkour element to proceedings. The files mention both "vertical" and "horizontal" wall running, which implies some characters may be able to run up walls and not just along them, but it remains to be seen who this applies to and in what situations.

Finally, there's some brand new weapons, including the flamethrower, and even remote turrets. It remains to be seen if these would be loot drops our character specific abilities, but certainly in the turret case, we suspect the latter.

None of this is official as of yet, so it could be subject to change, but given the code found by the dataminers, it does give some insight into some possible future plans for the game.

Stay tuned to GameFront for more Apex Legends news.

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