Here's why Apex Legends players are falling out of the sky

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

You may have noticed recently that other players in the latest Battle Royale Apex Legends seem to be falling from nowhere out of the sky, and here's the glitch they're using to do it.

It all surrounds supply crates - it seems that when you punch the lid of an open supply crate repeatedly, it will launch the player into the air and across the map in the direction the player in question was punching.

It was discovered by Reddit user Headbed - and although there's no logical reason for why this seems to be happening, it's admittedly a pretty hilarious - although game-breaking bug.

How much tactical advantage it really offers, it's hard to say - while you can manipulate the direction somewhat, where you end up, well, that's somewhat in the hands of the gods.

There's no word yet on when a fix for this will be coming, but in the mean time, you might as well give it a go and see where you end up - everybody else is!

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