Respawn: Apex Legends not 'suited' for Stadia type streaming

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

While the industry seems to be aimed towards the direction of streaming game services, like Google's Stadia, rather than hardware in the home, it seems not all game developers are overly enthusiastic about the prospect.

Respawn's executive producer, Drew McCoy, sat down with Game Informer recently and discussed how he does not feel the system will ever be suited to a game like Apex Legends, and even the current delay in modern television image processing is already too much.

We tested a lot of streaming solutions in the last five or six years. For the kinds of games we make, I don't think they're well suited , we're already fighting TV manufacturers and their image processing that's turned on when they pull it out of the box and everything and that adds like 80 milliseconds of input latency. And just because light moves at the speed of light, and not faster, it's only adding more.

Of course, in games like Apex Legends, response time is the key to success. The game has been optimized to give the absolute minimum possible lag, so adding any kind of delay would go against those efforts.

Even when it's working optimally, game streaming adds too much delay. 

It's really tough having those problems being taken out of our hands. We can't make whoever's streaming service better, we want to make our game better and the more reliant on them and a user's internet connection and how many hops they're going through and what kind of crappy Wi-Fi router they got from their internet provider eight years ago—there are so many problems.

That being said, McCoy does not rule out the technology completely, conceding that the tech would work just fine for some types of games.


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