Apex Legends producer insults fans on Reddit thread gone wrong

Apex Legends recently started a thread on Reddit which was designed to discuss the Iron Crown Collection Event, or more specifically, it's s...

1 4 years ago
Apex Legends Solo Mode is Coming Soon

If there's one downside I can level at Apex Legends, it's that sometimes, having to partner with a random stranger when you just want to pla...

0 4 years ago
Apex Legends cheats get matched with fellow cheaters

Following on from the interesting anti-cheating news from PUBG Corp yesterday, it seems that Apex Legends has it's own clever methods to thw...

0 4 years ago
Mysterious Crypto Laptop appears in Apex Legends

A  mysterious 'Crypto Laptop' has appeared in Apex Legends 2, ahead of the launch of Season 2, and many suspect it may be a hint of a new ch...

0 4 years ago
Respawn: Apex Legends not 'suited' for Stadia type streaming

While the industry seems to be aimed towards the direction of streaming game services, like Google's Stadia, rather than hardware in the hom...

0 4 years ago
Is Apex Legends loosing it's popularity?

It seems that Fortnite need not have worried when Apex Legends burst onto the scene, as despite a high initial popularity, there seems to be...

0 5 years ago
Here's why Apex Legends players are falling out of the sky

You may have noticed recently that other players in the latest Battle Royale Apex Legends seem to be falling from nowhere out of the sky, an...

0 5 years ago
Apex Legends had 2.5 Million Players on launch day

In the first of two parts of news coming out of EA this week following their annual investors conference call, the newly released Apex Legen...

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