UK Special Forces Task Group

UK_SFTG_CO_v1.01.7z —


This pack contains 4 addons wich are based on retexture of BI's Delta Force, Czech and German special forces units, meant to rapresent UK Special Forces SAS and SBS units (both in lightweight patrol gear and heavy assault gear), units from the Special Forces Support Group in assault gear, UK Special operation units for Artic Warfare and the famous Counter Revolutionary Warfare Team, with their blue suite-black equipment fashion.

The SAS-SBS units wear multicam and MTP uniforms with some brown-coyote jackets, while SFSG units wear full MTP uniforms, this should give to all the units the possibility to operate in pretty much all different types of environments, from desert to woodland areas, plus a complete set of artic warfare SF units wich allow missions in artic and snow covered environments.

In the editor You'll find SAS-SBS CQB units too, the CRW team , wearing blue suites, black equipment and balaclavas, you'll find also a multicam\black version of those guys under "urban SAS-SBS" for CQB\hostage rescue operation in desert or woodland open fields. The pack should add to BAF faction the missing Special Forces component, improving the range of UK operations in all BI and user made islands in every environment.


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