US Navy SEAL for Combined Ops



This is a major update to my Navy Seals addon, meant to rapresent US Navy SEALs, in different sets of camouflage, as following :

- SEAL (ACU): in ACU uniforms and light green\grey helmets.

- SEAL (Multicam/coyote): multicam uniforms and coyote gear , for every environment.

- SEAL (Multicam): multicam uniforms, black gear and balaclava, for maritime ops, CQB, hostage rescue situations.

- SEAL (AOR1): desert and arid environments.

- SEAL (Des): desert DCU, for desert and arid environments.

- SEAL (AOR2): for temperate and woodland environments.

- SEAL (Wod): woodland BDU, for temperate and woodland environments.

- SEAL (PCU): complete PCU suite for winter\snow\all weather\environment stuations. I used what I found on web as reference sources.



- Units are equipped with M4s, and have their own specific loadout.

- Every set of camouflage has a wide variety of roles, 16 different units for each different camo as follow: Sqd LD, TL, med, demo, SAW, MG mk48, MG M60, AT, AA, Sniper M110, Sniper M107, Spotter\JTAC, Operator M4, Operator M4GL, Operator MP5, Breacher;

plus 3 camo version of "ghillie top" sniper M110, M107 and Spotter\JTAC (find inside AOR1, AOR2, Multicam\coyote).

- Every type of camouflage has is own set of groups, 4 groups for each camo: Combat Team, Strike Team, Recon Team (SD weapons), and Sniper Team;

plus 3 sniper groups for "ghillie" snipers version (find inside AOR1, AOR2, Multicam\coyote).

- New "Engineer" ability for the sapper , and all the other units can hide bodies and use explosives.

- Featured content rucksacks , now also in multicam and black version.

- Optional ACE config with ACEX gear available, including ACE "AI talk" module support.

- 8 Replacement files that replace standard BI US delta force models with the ones in your preferred camo (acu, aor1, mult, aor2, des, wood, pcu, mult\black), with WORKING WOUND TEXTURES on the models off course!


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