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Upgrade of Classic Arma 1 mission: Evolution by Kiljoy Updates ALREADY implemented: Class functions: * Officer class can spawn/de-spawn an a


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Upgrade of Classic Arma 1 mission: Evolution by Kiljoy Updates ALREADY implemented: Class functions: * Officer class can spawn/de-spawn an armoured humvee as a mobile recon spawn point - great for side missions * Spotter can call in Tomahawk strike * Sniper can spawn ladder to access rooftops and Camo Nets * AA can spawn Stinger Pod, AA gun or Kord * AT can spawn TOW Pod, M119 or SPG9 * Grenadier can spawn Mk19 * Machinegunner can spawn MG nest, Kord or M2 static MG * Medic = mash and heal * Engineer = FARP - changed basic team members to spec ops - looks nicer and have more ammo slots Base * Ambulance MHQ at airbase for town attack * Modified base (no flagpoles) has following respawn options - MHQ ambulance, respawn recon HQ (officer hummer), halo, SW Dock, Island, 3 FARPS and respawn airfield (so you dont have to motorbike there all the time) * Built new base at island with Frigate and boats, AA and heli * Fully functional aircraft carrier with boats, AA and planes and apaches * Full working rifle range * Samples of captured enemy armour and air units to familiarise yourself with enemy capabilities * Added respawning AA defences and MASH's to base * Culled units to essentials Air Units - All helicopters can winch and FIXED mando hitch HUD toggle etc - Added AH64 x 2 types - Uparmed all planes significantly - be sure to let them service when you get in them! e.g. * F35 has 3 clips of cannon and 8 sidewinders for combat air patrol (against up to 20 air units at a time) * 1st harrier has 8 Hellfires, 6 Mk80 bombs, 2 x 14 FFAR's and 4 sidewinders for anti armour interdiction * 2nd harrier has 4 Mavericks, 6 GBU's, 192 S8 FFAR's, and 2 sidewinders for Close Air Support against infantry and softer targets * A10 has 2 clips of cannon, 6 Mk82 bombs, 4 GBU's, 6 Mavericks, 2 clips of 38 FFAR's and 2 sidewinders * MV22 has 300xGAU12, 4 FAB32 heli-bombs, 8 hellfires * C130-J has 24 Vikhrs, 12 sidewinders, 192 S8 FFAR's, 3x750 clips of 30mm Gsh cannon, 20 GBU's, 12 FAB32 heli-bombs for primary battlefield overwatch *Trial version of AC130 has same as C130J but with additional gunner seat with side-facing 105mm howitzer, 20mm cannon and 7.62mm minigun * AH64D has 1200rnds cannon, 8 hellfires, 38 FFAR's and additionally 4 sidewinders for anti armour role * AH64D_Sidewinders has 1200rnds cannon, 8 sidewinders, and additionally 3x38 FFAR's and 4 FAB32 heli-bombs for CAS/AA combined role (battlefield overwatch) Enemy Units * Increased range of enemy vehicle types significantly including BRDM2, BRDM-ATGM, BMP2, ZSU-Shilka, ZU23 truck, Motorbike, offroad, SPG UAZ, UAZ-MG, T72, Grad, etc * Statics improved - removed Metis launcher as he never fires, added ZU23, MG nests * Enemy air traffic - PAIRS of su25, su34, mi24v, mi24P, mi8 with 4 gunners, ka52 (with FIXED gunner) - all attack you - FIXED spawns * Added 24 enemy spetznaz units that counterattack the airfield or MHQ in 2 trucks and 2 random APC's T menu - New Support options including * All units can build a trench/bunker for cover (and working on a ladder too) * ammo crate * marker smoke * inflatable boat * smokescreen * precision strike * scout bike * MG station * small artillery * mortar station * build fortification * cluster bomb * armoured boat * aa battery * large artillery * artillery cannon * chemical strike (no fx yet) * HALO extraction * ICBM (FIXED effects) - New missions in remote corners of the map (castles, odd towns, radio stations, lumberyard, islands, etc): * Rendition - take on 4 vehicles (including hinds) and 25 troops then capture an enemy officer and return him to base (a variation of csar) * Extermination - kill all members of a civilian cult before a WMD explodes - in a very short time. * Ambush Troop Convoy * Rescue Agent * Assassinate General - from rooftop of International Hotel using elevator script General - Civ vehicles and civs - Changed rotation of cities so vehicles make more sense now and mission flows round map

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