Star Trek: Armada II

The sequel to Star Trek: Armada once again places you in charge of a futuristic fleet for 3D real-time strategy. Features six playable races found in the Star Trek universe. The story involves a Feder...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
USS Saratoga 1.04MB 80
Shield Effect 112KB 188
ODF Mod (Fed) with stations 28KB 49
SA-43 Hammerhead fighter 419KB 70
X-men Blackbird jet 5.82MB 55
Cylon Basestar 8.98MB 117
Colonial Movers 2.11MB 79
Colonial Fabrication ships 1.91MB 90
Battlestar Valkyrie 2.77MB 143
Romulan Base and Shrike Kitbash 1.33MB 87
Cylon Raider 2.01MB 113
Colonial agricultural vessel 2.05MB 75
Colonial Gemenon Traveler 1.58MB 78
Colonial Intersun Liner (Space Park) 1.65MB 94
Colonial refueling ship 1.72MB 75
Celestra 2.25MB 82
Colonial Cargo Shuttle 909KB 90
Colonial One 1.72MB 96
Colonial mobile tylium refinery 1.44MB 94
Colonial mining vessel 2.19MB 78
Cloud Nine 1.84MB 83
Solstice Class 97KB 59
Breen Frigate 4.36MB 87
AoW 1.4 beta 71MB 141
thunderfoot's action pics 14.77MB 61
Daqtagh Class Fighter 482KB 36
C9 Warblood 10.24MB 75
Sydney Class Transport 3.72MB 131
Icewolf's Mesh Pack 1 2.44MB 40
Mercury class Battlestar (Pegasus) 3.15MB 248
Colonial Viper Mk VII 285KB 149
Colonial Viper Mk II 347KB 158
Colonial Blackbird stealth fighter 355KB 120
Nimrod class 3.04MB 156
TMP Starfleet Full Race Addon 29.16MB 203
KDF C-9A “Heart of Kahless” 9.94MB 142
The A2 Fighter Project Part 1 - The Romulans 721KB 75
Klingon Upgrade 1 1.88MB 85
dan1025's Screenshot Pack 41.79MB 118
Zophia and Zophia Refit 7.58MB 72
Ship Texturing Tutorial by Fireball 3.57MB 165
Cardassian Mesh Pack 2 202KB 35
Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 9.22MB 759
Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 9.11MB 198
Cardassian Mesh Pack 1 423KB 27
Peltast Class 2.21MB 96
Cardassian Repair Ship 3.81MB 113
McMillan Class 5MB 93
Ship-Building Construction Ship 49KB 67
Federation Sovereign Class mk2 4.33MB 131