Star Trek: Armada II

The biggest collection of ships, stations, maps, mods and more for the Activision's second epic Star Trek RTS game, available from our fast, free download servers.

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Ships Early 24th Century Cardassian Twin Pack

Class.DescriptionRasilak: Initially desi...


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Ships Constitution, Miranda (Motion Picture Pack);107871;107873 for the originals)....


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Ships Klingon K'vek cruiser

contact with him. It seems that he is no longer activein the community....


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Ships Federation support ship and station pack

intended for Zero Hour project, which was cancelled.For these items the following conditions apply:Usage Policy----...


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Ships Norin, Tonga, Hutet (Cardassian Ship Pack)

Included in this download are the three non-canon Cardassian ships featured in the DS9: Dominion Wars game for the home Computer (PC).


Ships Klingon K'vek;76809).The Kvek has b...


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Ships Arrow Class runabout by k_merse

Seraphim Classes also use the class as shuttlecrafts. The Arrow Class is equipped with phaser cannons and dual micro-quantum torpedo launch...


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Ships Baleo class destroyer

fairly compact ship built as a replacement for the Larson class. Her greatest tactical advantages are the photon torpedo pod and two deflect...


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Maps Map Units Pack 1

play (imho).Just in case the picture-servers go on strike again, here are links to my Photobucket-Album:


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Media Race Transporter Update

transporter sound. Note that you will need to make some edits and modifications: recommend backing it up before you try it. More experienced...


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Ships Gre'thor Armored assault ship

This is my second mod.The Gre'thor Armored assault ship is a mobile turret/ship whit offensive or defensive capabilities


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Ships replicator sentinel



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Ships Arrow Class runabout by k_merse

This is a fix for my previous version of Arrow Class. I made a stupid mistake when I named the files. Please replace the 1.0 version of Arro...


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Ships Arrow Class Runabout by k_merse

class itself is used mostly as a Multi-Purpose Vehicle for Starbases and Planetary Installations, but certain starships, like the Excalibur...


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Ships TOS era repair ship

A Starfleet repair ship from the mid 2200's. This model was kitbashed from FahreS' Constitution class.


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Ships Regent class

apoclaydon/blade.He has done a fine job of it, so I release it for those, who are interested.Important Note:Make a backup of your existing f...


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Stations Species 8472 Terrasphere

variants of the Terrasphere, like the Terradome (seen in Star Trek Online) and maybe even some custom designs, but those could be done much...


Ships Borg shippack 3

constructionship, will have to wait until some problems are solved. I hope you like them. The imageserver is at this moment still down.Impor...


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Ships Regent class

release it in MSFC. I asked them if I could use it, so here it is.Important Note:Make a backup of your existing files, because the files in...


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Ships Federation shippack 3

Premonition class, although no longer capable of timetravel, now has a new special weapon: a Temporal Stasis Field generator that can be use...


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Mods NPC Upgrade Project

you, your fleet, your life, gone in the flash of a spiral wave cannon. Gone. In short this adds 5 ships from the cardassian union into the...


Ships Perry Rhodan ships - Topsider rocket.

through the center of it.


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Ships Remastered Orion Vessel

to be used by modders with SOD creation capability. There are no limitations for altering or using this mesh in a mod, so no need to contact...


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Utilities Muldrfs Hierarchy Joint Assist Tool

ships.Here is a guide video showing the "earlier" version of the tool that is integrated into the LMTools for Legacy in action. It is a sli...


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Ships Federation ship pack 3

special weapon: a Temporal Stasis Field generator that can be used on a starship. Important Note:Make a backup of your existing files, becau...


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Ships Zero Hour Tholian Tneas

Tholian ships to deal with impending incursions, and other hostile situations.


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Ships Zero Hour Tholian Sedot

slight disadvantage of having lesser shield growth capacity.


Ships Zero Hour Klingon B'rel

are well suited for multiple mission roles.Quite simply, this file is Aad's Bird of Prey (...


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Ships Federation Ship Pack 2

items the following conditions apply:Usage PolicyThese files are sanctioned for reuse in o...


Ships Borg ship pack 2

allways, thanks to Wrath of Achilles for his Texture Tutorial and Major A Payne for his SodTutorial. All meshes, etc are by me. In some text...


Ships Zero Hour Klingon Fek'lhr

scientific armaments, allowing it to unleash waves of destruction on opposing forces.From the original build of Aad...


Ships Zero Hour Romulan Shadow

their hull strength and general agility tend to suffer due to energy strains.I found the 'Warbird Head' a destincti...


Maps Zero Hour Map background Completion

Background 'envDefault' is a blank (black) background for a more sparse space-effect. The other five are respective to the main colours of N...


Ships Endeavour class late TOS heavy cruiser

Here is my interpretation of the Endeavour class, this is the class of heavy cruisers which brought the linear warp revolution to the Federa...


Ships D-7 Class Battle Cruiser

manueverable. This made it ideal for almost any combat scenario. The D-7 would see duty fora long period of time including a future refit to...


Mods Sigma

not familar with this:Sigma is a FO-based TC that throws pretty much everything we're used to out of the window. It completely replaces the...


Mods alternate earth

or without the fleet ops patch 1.2.5


Ships Star Trek XI 2009 Enterprise

wireframe, weapon ODFs, texes and sound FX and much more! I even wrote a Point Defense Laser special weapon so it could fire on torpedos lik...


Ships Pallada Class

notable vessels of this class would be the USS Polaris, a prominent member of the United Earth first fleet.Thanks to his inspirational and t...


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Ships Legacy Class (also for demo)

based on the Prometheus, Intrepid, and Akira class star ships. It takes longer to build than the Sovereign-class but it's also stronger and...


Miscellaneous Federation Fleet Ops Mix Tech Yard Patriotic Retexture

terms in the readme as my permission is very conditional.


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Ships Galaxy-X Class

limit of 4.A set of alternate textures are included with regitration numbers included.


Ships Borg battle pack

turned out to have a high polycount, so this file could be to big for old computers.Important Note:Make a backup of your existing files, bec...


Ships Soyuz class

with the missing textures included, Jetfreak approached me and offered me some better textures that he had made. So, this is basically the s...


Ships borgstar

i made this at the same time as the borg cassette but didnt finish it,i found it last week and decided to finish it as i couldnt see any sta...


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Ships Legacy Class (also for demo)

the Prometheus, Intrepid, and Akira designs. It is slightly stronger than the Sovereign class, takes longer to build, costs more resources,...


Stations Warning buoy

empty by default, so you can add one to fit the requirements.Not exactly an important concept due to the nature of the game, but it adds a b...


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Miscellaneous Mining Beam icons (FO 3.1.5)

A small odf change that puts an icon on the Unit Interface for the Mining freighters signature equipment.Copy and paste, with changes to onl...


Miscellaneous Resource Moon Retexture

A small group of textures to replace the Resource Moons with a 'tinted asteroid' (regular moons) and a frozen asteroid (ice moons) version.


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Ships Federation Asgard class

role as a long range explorer and in time of need, a powerful battlecruiser.The design does resemble the Intrepid class as well as the Prome...


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Ships Terran Nebula variants package

Empire/mirror universe ship because the Federation looks weak!! This will replace your Incursion which is a dumb but now it is a battle ship...


Miscellaneous Fleet Ops menu style for stock Armada II

complete with buttons, animations and sound effects. Please check if i forgot anything and report.


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Mods Yonkman TLE-era Re-texture

elements and the lot. This re-texture represents a later technological refit for the ship, let's say around the 2320's. I brightened the hul...


Ships Halo meshes

UNSC Carrier, UNSC Heavy Cruiser, UNSC heavy Destroyer, UNSC cruiser, UNSC Cruiser refit,Cov assault carrier, Cov Cruiser, Cov Destroyer8 me...


Ships Proteus Class

conventional warp drive. Like most new Federation ships built in this point in time the Proteus has the latest in Starfleet weaponry and shi...


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Ships stargate Vanir

Pegasus galaxy, while the lanteans were fighting the wraith. They appeared on stargate Atlantis on the episode \"The lost Tribe\"More info c...


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Ships Terran Arkria Class Rifit

Empire/mirror universe ship because the Federation looks weak!! This will replace your Incursion which is a dumb but now it is a battle shi...


Ships Yonkman Class by Fireball

of photon torpedoes as well as other secondary equipment. The Yonkman is a compact design relative to other ships of the era.


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Mods Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch

has released the first patch for their latest full release 3.1.4, which can be found HERE.Please visit the official Fl...


Ships Improved Terran Construction Ship -

Terran Empire/mirror universe ship because the Federation looks weak!!Long lived the Empire!!