Star Trek: Armada II

The sequel to Star Trek: Armada once again places you in charge of a futuristic fleet for 3D real-time strategy. Features six playable races found in the Star Trek universe. The story involves a Feder...

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Star Trek: Armada 2 Mod - KA2: Empire at War v1.4 Beta 521.51MB 72
Star Trek: Armada II mod KA2: The General War 1.1a Patch 23KB 138
Star Trek: Armada II mod Klingon Academy II: The General War V.1.1 457.62MB 286
Star Trek: Armada II Mod Slipstream Center 839KB 252
Generic Mod Enabler 284KB 379
Hitpoint Calculator 194KB 118
Valiant Class for FleetOps ONLY 1.04MB 121
Weapon output calculator 194KB 16
Klingon ships kscout and kdestroy 5.1MB 12
BSG Colonial Fleet Weapons Pack 289KB 161
Klingon D 4 battle cruiser MESH ONLY 12.74MB 90
From Hell's Heart for FleetOps ONLY 24KB 20
TOS Adversary Pack 3.71MB 161
Unimatrix 001 68KB 36
Latinum Rush! v1.0 68KB 13
SFU 3Vs3 Teamplay map (1.1) 63KB 14
Constitution Class (2009) Pack 6.48MB 528
Star Trek Armada II Fleet Operations Patch v307 2.79MB 345
The Omega Effect 323KB 90
Terran Warfare 60KB 95
Zealous Class 584KB 154
Cardassian Advanced Yard 740KB 155
Twin Pulse Phaser (v1.0) 984KB 135
USS Reliant Miranda Class 3.07MB 19
INH's Lightmap Tutorial for GIMP (1.0) 875KB 136
USS Reliant (1.1) 3.12MB 251
Berzerk Class 1.71MB 208
Andorian Kumari (1.0) 1.75MB 165
Klingon yard (1.0) 1MB 160
Odf Library (1.0) 53KB 18
Cubelife (Map) 108KB 19
Cardassian Advanced Shipyard 348KB 19
Klingon Starbase 2.15MB 253
USS Saratoga 1.04MB 80
Shield Effect 112KB 188
ODF Mod (Fed) with stations 28KB 49
SA-43 Hammerhead fighter 419KB 70
X-men Blackbird jet 5.82MB 55
Cylon Basestar 8.98MB 117
Colonial Movers 2.11MB 79
Colonial Fabrication ships 1.91MB 90
Battlestar Valkyrie 2.77MB 143
Romulan Base and Shrike Kitbash 1.33MB 87
Cylon Raider 2.01MB 113
Colonial agricultural vessel 2.05MB 75
Colonial Gemenon Traveler 1.58MB 78
Colonial Intersun Liner (Space Park) 1.65MB 94
Colonial refueling ship 1.72MB 75
Celestra 2.25MB 82
Colonial Cargo Shuttle 909KB 90