2008 Year-End Modding Contest winners announced!

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Published by theStarfleetKid 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Congratulations to our year-end modding contest winners, and thanks to all our entries.

The entries and winners in each category are as follows:

New Gameplay Concept http://armada2.filefront.com/file/A2_Physics_Project_Version_X_Updated;97538 by thunderfoot006 (winner) http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Dynamic_music_proof_of_concept;97530 by Freyr New Special Weapon http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Advanced_Gemini_Effect_Weapon;97536 by _dejaVu (winner) http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Planck_class_starship;97533 by FahreS New Ship http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Churchill_class_starship;97537 by Fireball_IV (winner) http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Executor_Star_Destroyer;97528 by starfox1701 http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Planck_class_starship;97533 by FahreS http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Prometheus_class_Refit_v10;97532 by icewolf132

Stay tuned for more modding contests throughout the year!


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