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Published by theStarfleetKid 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
I just received an e-mail via PGA's news function from Evenstar. While most of it is of a personal nature, reflecting Evenstar's strong opinions on the subject of the community she holds so dear, that community will be no more effective in four days' time.
The source of this information is a discussion that took place roughly an hour ago, relative to the issuing of this news. At 9 PM it was decided that the site is going to be closed. The factors involved include usefulness of the site, activity as a whole, and social issues related to the site and its people. This news comes at a bad time. Just over a month ago this site's current name and domain was switched to the new one. Its contract is 12 months. It has only been 1 month into the contract. "The domain will be parked or sold to a third party", said 'Elrond' the former Network Leader and the founder of the network. "There is no ratoinale for keeping a site open that very few wish to visit anymore," he added. These statements were met with much disagreement with those available during the discussion. [...] we at one time had a great and thriving community based on mutual assistance and respect. That idea seems to have been abandoned. Everyone is in it more for themselves than for earning a positive reputation through helping others. The most common attitude is "what's in it for me" and it had terrible consequences here lately. A clear purpose began to be developed, but was never completed. Some may have come here expecting to find a lot of files and things to download. There is content here but most of it is informative text and pictures. It is well-organized but without files, it was hard for some to stay around. There are many sites out there that are just like that, but when you come expecting files and get information you can be disappointed and never return.
I wasn't a frequent member at their site, in fact, if it weren't for the e-mail I'd never have known it was closed. But I do know that this site closure is an ominous portent for other sites whose focus, at least in part, was Star Trek Armada. I am greatly concerned by the late numbers of "leaving" and "closing" signs I see going up all around this community. It seems like not a day has gone by this week without someone or some site adjourning their progress on making Armada more fun, at least for now. While I know that nothing short of death or the Borg could completely defeat the Armada modding community's spirit, each new departure and shutdown still breaks the heart of that community, just a little bit more. - the Kid
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