Announcing the Starfleet Compilation Mod

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Published by theStarfleetKid 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


For the past six months, a team of modders has been working in secret on a mod which will hopefully become the successor to the venerable Ghost's Compilation Mod. We have been using Starbase 34 as our base of operations, and we're quite proud of the work we've produced so far.

Our team members represent some of the best modding, scripting and design talent in the wider A2 community, and they include (in alphabetical order):

Achilles Chiletrek Dan1025 Freyr Jetfreak k_merse Starfox1701 theStarfleetKid Thunderfoot006

Recently, we also added four new members to our ranks, all equally talented (listed in alphabetical order):

Avon elevatormusic Fireball_IV Icewolf132

Together, we form the Starbase 34 modding team.

Our current goal is simple: a new Starfleet compilation mod, which includes a whole set of prominent Starfleet designs best known in the community (both canon and non-canon alike), all with lightmaps, and made with models put together by the community, under a unified design with an appropriately tough AI.

One of the major changes we've made is in the research ability. No longer will you have to research special weapons time and again. Special weapons themselves will see a very different role in-game as well, but research will be re-named "replication". Instead of "researching" new ships, you'll build the replicator units that make their mass production possible. After all, there's no point bringing lab coats to a knife fight. Starfleet would have to be pretty stupid to put their top scientific minds and equipment within easy reach of their most deadly adversaries.

We also plan to introduce fully functional carriers, preferably with the 1.1 patch as a requirement rather than with the 1.2.5 patch. We will probably introduce a modified version of the carrier and fighter scripts after the mod is completed.

On that note: our philosophy as a team at Starbase 34 is no pressure, no drama, and no deadlines. We know perfectly well that we're working on a mod. We also know that you, the wider community, want to get that mod and enjoy it. But we won't be making any grand pronouncements about when we expect to complete the mod. Once it's done, there'll be another news item like this one to tell you so. But in the meantime, we just wanted to let you know we're here.

Please also note that we have no long-term plans beyond this mod --we're enjoying this first project and we intend to continue with it until its completion. We'd prefer not to speculate on where we go from there, and we'd appreciate your support in asking you not to speculate for us, either. Also, we've all got our own projects and responsibilities. If you need tutorial support or modding information, please refer to the main site of for all the information we've got.

Starbase 34: home to great modding tutorials, an amazing mod team, and soon, hopefully, the definitive Starfleet compilation mod.

- the Starfleet Kid


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