Armada 2 Mod Installer

By TParis 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I have decide to make a Mod Installer, for Armada 2, sice I can't find any thing that appears to be one on this site:

This Installer will, do two things:-
  • install compressed Armada 2 Mods, in a format I'm currently desgining
  • Allow for easy installion of mod requiring modification of files such as global.spr (for adding Build Buttons, and Wireframes)
    • It automaticaly updates these files
    • Adds them to the map editer
    • Sets a Ship or station to build it

To help me in creating the format for releasing mods in, please if you known of any extra commands, that aren't used in the standart file please post them here, and what there used for.


[list] [*] is it a ship, weapon, mapobject, station, AI etc.

[*] is it only used by a specific classlabel

[*] what is the command, and give an example of it being declared, so i can determine the data type.[/list]


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