Armada II Files - 2008 Year End Modding Contest!

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Published by theStarfleetKid 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
This year at Armada II Files, some changes are in order for the annual tradition. The year-end modding contest will work as follows: - All submitted entries should include comprehensive readme with credit (where required) and installation instructions. - Submissions will be for Armada II only. Apologies to A1 modders. - Please e-mail your entries (rather than submitted through the file upload system) to [email protected] in order to avoid confusion with non-contest entries. - Judges for this year's contest will be theStarfleetKid, TParis, and our special volunteer judge, Dan1025. - Submissions can be made in any of the following three categories between the moment you read this and 2359 North American Eastern Standard Time, January 15th, 2009: [quote]NEW SHIP - any race, as long as that race is known (examples include Talaxians, Metathran, Mon Calamari, Scarran, Dalek, Cylon.... the list goes on) NEW SPECIAL WEAPON - can be festive themed, but must include all files known to work NEW GAMEPLAY CONCEPT - any modification you can think up, which enhances gameplay in some way but is not a ship, station, or special weapon. [/quote] - Submissions will be judged according to their various merits, and winners will be announced on January 31st, 2009. - Any nagging, badgering, pestering, gentle nudging, invasive questioning, subtle hinting, or other attempts to persuade any judge in the contest to provide any sort of inside information about the judging process or any matter related to the contest, by any means, will result in an immediate and stern "dirty look" to be administered. You have been warned. - Once the contest winners have been determined, all mods taking part in the contest will be hopefully released for download, on the understanding that all credit and readme-related issues are resolved. That's it. Good luck, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and we'll see who wins.... in 2009. :cool:
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