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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hello there. Its been a while since Battlefleet Gothic has had an update, a lot of you probably thought it was dead. Alas, it is not, the Immortal Emperor forbids me from giving up on this holy project. Pretty much a summary of what has been done since the last update...nothing. I haven't had the time to work on it, though now the summer holidays are here again I hope to continue this and release something. I've been learning the in's and out's of texturing, and I've got the hang of it now so ships and stations will look more real instead of a boring metal texture.

Also, I'm looking for one or two people who could help me on this project.

Jobs that I would like: - A modeller for stations of the Imperium and Chaos, and the ships of Chaos (you could use my pre-existing Chaos cruiser hull as a base to work on the other cruisers), otherwise, you have free reign over your creations as long as they ARE canon. Plus, your work should be of a decent quality, and they should look as close to their canon counterparts as possible. Not asking much at all there.... - A 'Jack Of All Trades' who can do GUI's, ODF's and other little bits and pieces. This role could maybe be split amongst two people.

Of course I would supply you with necessary materials such as PDF format rules for ships and weapons (also they're free on the Games Workshop site, if you know where to find them).

If you want to apply or inquire, post a reply in this forum Battlefleet Gothic Ships or PM me through that. I would post my email address but the scoundrels of the 'Net would steal it lol.

Thanks, Ragnar

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