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Published by Joelteon7 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Over the last day I've had all sorts of comments thrown around, accusing one another of this-that-and-other, including my self. [b]This ends now.[/b] The staff will not tolerate people who are reacting to what they have not read fully. Many of the issues over the last day would have simply been non-existant had people properly read what others have said. This goes for a LOT of people out there. We do not want to have to moderate sensitive topics just to maintain order around here. You're all better than this, I know you are. Not only this, but you're making it increasingly difficult for the staff to operate and you to be served in a plesant environment. When staff are being accused of things and making it personal, it becomes very hard. We're human too. We have opinions on what is going on now too, but we can't resolve the situation unless you allow us to separate our personal opinions and our actions as staff. You should be pleased to know the staff here are very capable of separating these aspects, but the more we get dragged into issues, the more difficult that becomes. So I ask of you just a few things, 1) [u]Please[/u] read everything that people have said in full. Being half-informed about stuff and then making a judgement based on this is ill-advised. 2) Listen to what the staff have to say. We don't want to have to repeat ourselves. If we've said something once, it's for good reason, so take it on board and consider... 3) ...Do you really need to leave a comment? Check to see if others have already said what you wanted to. Will your comment potentially cause further disgruntlement? If you can't decide, err on the side of caution as no harm will be done then. 4) Read-up on the FileFront comment rules and if you have the time, the FileFront hosting rules. I want everyone to be informed about what they can and cannot do and the rules that are among us. I think you'll find that they're generally pretty much common sense. Now I hope you all take this on board. I want tomorrow to be new and not full of chit-chat that is large scale bickering.
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