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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hi guys,

I thought I should tell you all that there is a cleanup currently starting on the network. Files that are likely to get Filefront sued (such as those including or consisting of music from movies or other games) are going to be making a silent disappearance.

Unfortunately, my crystal ball is cracked and I can't see where all the files are on the site. Still, I know most of them and I will be working my way around slowly deleting a few files. This shouldn't affect much at all really, apart from some fairly unpopular files in the audio section that nobody is likely to care about. However, it occurs to me that there may be files that require removing inside TC's or other large mods.

If I find out about an old TC or large mod with music or other material in it that needs removing then i'm going to download it, repackage it without the files we can't host and repost it. On the other hand, if the management find a file containing material that is likely to get the network sued they are just going to delete it. Therefore, if your aware of any of any larger mods that need some attention please let me know ASAP by email. ( )

- Freyr

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