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Published by theStarfleetKid 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Its been some time since I announced Creu Chwedl and I thought it was time to give some more information so here it goes.

List of Races. United Federation of Planets Klingon Empire Reman Confederacy Romulan Senators Rebellion/Alliance Domion Palderans Borg

Now a bit about ship construction: most ships can be constructed at there ship yard as soon as its build however some new ships require approval by star fleet command which in turn needs a proto type to have be constructed first which in turn needs the ship design researched first at the ASDB and some designs need new technologies to be researched before they can be researched but the new ships are well worth the wait as they are more powerful and have new technology.

Which Brings us on to a star fleet ship list in order of classification not s marked with A need to be researched and ones marked with S need a star fleet security centre to be build first and once marked with R are reinforcements only there are also shuttles and fighters but more about then at a latter date.

Nova Class V2 Adv Scout Nova Class V3 Adv Scout A Incursion Enemy Incursion Ship S Sabre Class Escort Steamrunner Class Escort Defiant Class Escort Defiant Replacement Cormorant,Capercaillie,Llewellyn,Claymore or Longbow ClassA Osprey Class Fighter/Assault Craft A Intrepid Class Light Explorer Luna Class Medium Explorer Norway Class Cruiser Nebula Class Cruiser Akira Class Torpedo Cruiser Prometheus Long Range Tactical Cruiser S Achilles Class Heavy Duty Tactical Cruiser (most powerful ship)S Ambassador Class Edinburgh Refit Explorer R Galaxy Class Refit Explorer Sovereign Class Explorer Frontier Class Explorer A

And now a list of features they are still experimental so I will tell you a little about them later:

Torpedoes are now limited and a ship must resupply if it runs out. (tested)

New phaser system for more show like feel also a remodulating setting for use against the borg. (testing later to day)

New Borg shielding system the borg will only be in one mission but there new shielding or force fields to be correct makes them immune to normal phasers and torpedoes also have little affect. (not yet tested but should defiantly work)

Last of all the Resources are as follows: Metals used to construct ships or stations can be mined from certain asteroid moons and planets, Deuterium also used to in the construction process to power a ship or station it is mined from gas giants and nebulae, Components used in ship and station construction created from Metal. Both Metal and Deuterium are prosed at the resource processing station which also constructs components. Supplies are also needed to construct ships and stations and more can be created at a star base. A certain amount Reinforcements can be warped in to add your fleet there are various ships and tough out the single player campaign these will vary from mission to mission.

Thats it untill the next update

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