Cygnis Prime's Future Projects

By Mr. Greg 22 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Cygnis Prime has sent me some news on what his next projects would be: [quote] As summer comes to a close (sadly) so comes the beginning of School. Yes, that is right, I still attend school. However, seeing as this is my final year, I am going to make my Modds reflect this "Excitement." Therefore I am announcing some mods I am to come out with in the near future. (Seeing as I have not submitted a file in quite some time.) There are three total that I am going to send out into the public. However I cannot tell you much about them because I would like to make it a surprise, I will only give you a few teasers to keep you interested. 1.) Scheduled to come out before the end of Sept. a mod that will set things right in the Armada II universe. It will be very interesting to say the least and I promise that it will change the way we strategize battles. 2.) Scheduled to come out before the end of Oct. (Early/Mid Oct. If lucky) Another humorous Weapon that falls under the same ideology of my Tribble Launcher, and should be another laugh to the Armada II players of the globe. 3.) And finally, an AI script. That will set a species into place with their TRUE intentions. While I have scheduled that to be coming out around late October, early November.[/quote]

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