Final Enterprise set on Enterprise-D?

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I've been reading a Star Artical, late as usual, and it appears that the final episode of Enterprise, oriognaly rumored to take place on board the USS Titan, will infact be on the USS Enterprise D. [quote]The series finale is called "These Are the Voyages ..." and it's probably no secret by now that this last episode of the Star Trek prequel features two very special guest stars: Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. During the eight-day principal photography schedule (one day longer than usual), most of the shooting took place on standing NX-01 sets, but there were new sets constructed to represent 24th-century locales. Among them: Ten Forward, the Observation Lounge, Troi's Quarters, and TNG-style Corridors. We will also see scenes in the Hologrid, but those were shot in front of a greenscreen for rendering later. Throughout the eight days of shooting, Frakes was at various points dressed in a TNG-era uniform; as an NX-01 crewman; as a MACO; and ... as one other person who perhaps should remain a surprise.[/quote] This is looking to be the best episode of Enterprise ever. And also the last. But either way i know i will be tuning into this one even though i hate Enterprise with the very fiber of my being :p Disscuss!
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