Fleet Operations: The Dominion Invasion

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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The Dominion is known for conquering and occupying whole worlds, therefore their Mix-Tech feature got a bit special compared to the Mix-Tech of other races. Instead of gaining only one complete new unit for one unique alien technology they will gain their new Mix-Tech vessel for every captured race: The famous Dreadnought! Its basic stats however will be modified dependent on the alien technology you got it from.

V-15 Dreadnought The Dreadnought is an ultra-heavy Battleship, comparable to the Tavara and other giants. It's quite slow but his devastating armament is able to crush whole fleets. Newer versions of the Dreadnought are also equipped with a Hyperspace Disruptor which will deal double damage to stations. The Dreadnoughts special ability is Overwhelming Presence. As the Dreadnought costs 6 credits it is a unique tool of war. It's best used within a small fleet to counter and destroy an enemies offense. Its special ability gives you immense control over your opponent, cause his or her vessels won't be able to do much but receiving massive damage. Two Dreadnoughts heading to a base should invoke a Wolf-359 like panic!

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