Future Tense More Misc. Details (A bit of a look in to the Armada 1 mod)

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Published by Joelteon7 14 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Flexing my research skills, I thought I'd bring you some news about Future Tense rather than wait for a future update. With any luck, you'll have got something out of this summary and review look at what is going on, but if you want more, just click the source button at the top of this where you can view the FT forums. Of course, from the Mod Profile, you can always go to the site which they're constantly updating. Some fine looking ships in there for sure. Within this article, there is a look at the mod size as a download and one of the specialities of the mod, the 'relic' unit use. For ease of reading, I've broken them up, so when you see the [b]-----[/b] line in the page, it's the break between the two. Anyhow, to this point, the first thing I'd like to make you aware of is the opening video. Something I think a few games as a whole have been lacking is these enticing views in to the game before you actually play them. I think they're rather exciting and needless to say, what I've seen so far of the video doesn't disappoint. For those of you who have seen nothing on it, feel free to dip in to a small download of the [url="http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Future_Tense_4_Minute_Opening_Teaser;78948"]teaser for the opening video here[/url]. It's a good watch I tells ya! Added to this though are the all important download sizes. Whilst perhaps fortunately Armada mods don't have that much hassle in terms of downloading many mb's, Future Tense looks to turn this around with the video (at completed length) weighing in it self at a mighty 187mb. It's 13 minutes of shiny goodness certainly. Quoting Phantom right off the bat, you're looking at [quote]a 600MB to a possible 700MB download[/quote] which we'll happily provide for you, don't you worry, but don't expect to download it in 15 minutes like most other Armada mods. Don't fret though if you're a 56ker. It's a mighty download, but there are in deed provisions in place for you, as also described by Phantom, [quote]breaking down for 56k users will prove close to impossible. The BITTORRENT download is still planned to be distributed on somewhere like DEMONOID with a link via the Future Tense website so you shouldn’t need a membership to download the files as you'll already have the torrent file. More information on that will be left in due course. GETRIGHT will also be linked to the site at release time. It’s a file downloader that is free, and has the ability to pause downloads and resume so 56k users wont be left in the cold[/quote] This will of course also make things easier for broadband users too. Though, we'll be sure to have it up here as a host, so no worries about finding other methods! We can of course break down the size, as Phantom has neatly done on the link, to what will be in there. [quote]ADDON FOLDER = 144MB = Contains a little over 500 ODFs, and 600 WAV files SOD FOLDER = 4MB BMP MENU FOLDERS = 8MB ANIMATIONS FOLDERS = 195 = Contains Movie (187MB and new menu animations) TEXTURE FOLDER = 442MB uncompressed = 200MBish Compressed [/quote] 600 wav files means new sounds, but to what end? Do we get a fancier cloak sound or do the photon torpedoes rip through space with a little more punch? Whatever, we can easily believe that sound hasn't been left out of the equation. Textures get me though. They're likely to be fairly high resolution, but that's still a high amount. Even if one model used multiple sets, it means that there are going to be almost an entire new game worth of new models, based from the amount of textures alone. We knew there was going to be a lot, but this really does just show how much there will be! Consider also that animations aren't that bit, I do wander what we'll get from those in-menu or in-game, however with no indication given, it's going to be fairly hard to tell. [b]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b] The second piece of information that has really been detailed on is the use of the 'relic' units. These were the units that are the map units that will add more to nostalgia rather than battle value. For example, the NX-01 is sure to make an appearance, but I hardly think she'll hold up to a Sernaix cruiser as well as the Voyager class or the upgraded Galaxy (though, if you've seen the teaser video, you'll know that that is hardly fantastic either). You'll have to look hard for these on the maps in Future Tense; whilst they'll be interesting obviously to use, I doubt the Wolf-359 inspired half-a-saucer-missing New Orleans class is going to be staring you in the face at start. What has been confirmed though, is, [quote]hat you may not have known is when you collect one of these 'relic' units. You get them integrated into your shipyards to build an use![/quote] This, really, sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Though why you'd want to build an NX-01 en masse is lost on me compared to being able to build Sovereign's and Prometheus' ([url="http://armada2.filefront.com/news/;33404"]that can split[/url]). Perhaps cannon fodder is what was had in mind. That being said, Mr. Vulcan, one of the other developer's (most notably on the awesome looking new GUI's, which can be viewed on the Mod Profile screenshots page) had this to say about the relics, [quote]What's more is that the relics are there not as eye candy. On certain maps they offer unique advantages to the player. That's the idea at least[/quote] So, the NX-01 WILL be useful! Just, in what way I wonder? [b]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b] Anyhow, that's it for this time. I'm sure you'll see more news from the FT guys shortly, or if not I'll drag something up, but I hope this brief look in to two parts about FT will either spark your interest in the Armada 1 mod or keep your thirst quenched. Oh and for fun, here’s a few pictures. MaP’s Sabre model updated for use as a relic in FT along with an example of the new Romulan and Federation GUI’s and some of the new models. Enjoy!
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