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Published by theStarfleetKid 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


In the beginning, there was the Big Book of Modding. Assembled by Westworld and Kleotol, it was full of the sorts of information that modders salivated after and dreamed of knowing for themselves. Fortunately it was easy to download as a .doc file and access was often a point of reference for many of the modders of A2Files.

Time went on, and the modding community at A2Files continued to grow, and to develop. Many facts that were once known commonly were lost. Many simple modding tasks became complicated. New members were often told, flippantly, "check the Big Book for the answer", with no specifics as to how to find anything. And the wilderness of A2 modding continued to grow.

Until now.

Starbase 34 offers updated, more recently revised content from the Big Book, in a web-accessible format. Over the coming months, much of the content of the BBOM will be re-released via the Starbase 34 website, once it's been edited and modified to include much of what's been learned, along with some of what's been forgotten. As of right now, the .ODF related content has been restored and is available for you to read and access.

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