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By theStarfleetKid 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Thanks to the recently submitted content by mikemckeon007, I've decided that it's probably well past time we included a mod content category for Battlestar Galactica content, quite possibly the best frakkin' show on television, and about to show its final episode for the first time. This is my invitation to any of you out there who have BSG content, or who want to develop such content for Armada II, to get involved and do your bit for the Colonial cause-- unless, of course, you're a Cylon. Note that because some files have been moved around, it may be a little while before FileFront sorts out how to let you download 'em. If you receive download errors today on the BSG stuff, maybe you should try again tomorrow. Having BSG content for Armada II, at long last, is very exciting. So say we all! :cool:

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