New Starfleet Museum era pre-TOS mod content!

By theStarfleetKid 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hi there all you Star Trek fans. Although there already was a Pre-TOS mod submitted years ago, I wanted to revisit the idea of doing this over, with the new modding skills that have been added to this fantastic site over the years, with lighting, new weapons, etc. I have contacted both Masao and Bernd Schnieder a year or so ago asking permission to create models based on their sketches and to use their textures. They both said yes, and I have been through trial and error trying to make an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional model for the community, using the majority of the tricks of the trade provided here. The only modding tools I have at my disposal are Milkshape 1.8.4, Irfanview, GIMP-2.4 picture editor and TXD Workshop. I believe the models I've created will make this site's model fan base pretty content. I've tried them out myself...and I am pleased. Things to look for in this Pre TOS mod: -Yorktown Class carrier with launchable and recoverable Minotaur fighters -Olympus Mons variant Hospital and Reid Flemming repair ships -Farragut class Planetary assault monitors -The full range of Bison transports, including the civilian versions Just to name a few. Thanks to patch 1.2.5 I'm able to deliver these models to you folks, where you can use them in personal mods, retexture and hardpoint them, or whatever. I believe that the models I make should be "freeware" for us, to use and alter as we please. I'm in modding for fun and as a relaxing relatively cheap hobby...not fame or fortune. I am the Commercial Engineer for Time Warner Cable here in Nederland Texas, which contains enough "fame and glory" for me in one day. I will be releasing them soon, one per week for new modders to be able to keep up pace with adding them to their core A2 installs. Perhaps in the future if demand is out there, I will convert the whole thing to an executeable package, if I have time to spare. Until then, look and watch for Wildcard621's version of the "Masao Okazaki's Starfleet Museum's Romulan War Wing" mod!

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