Plans for biggest map pack yet...

20 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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I've been working on getting all my Armada 2 maps fully working, and the results will be submitted the this site as soon as i finish (hopefully by the end of this month, if not the next). The following will actually work with every map i send: starting points selectable, screenshot so the map area won't be blank, a way to tell ALL my maps apart (will have [jdg] at end of map description). This will include maps previously released, as most of those did not work. I have been working on getting everything to work as much as possible. There will probably be well over 30 maps released. The number of players will range from 2-8 (excluding 7 unless i make one for that number). Most will be 4-player sized maps. I'm even including the maps that were SUPPOSED to be in the contest, but due to technical problems were never able to make it in time to be judged.

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