Public Service Announcement: A2 Game CDs

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Published by theStarfleetKid 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
This is just a personal observation that I've made lately doing my usual duties and making the rounds here at A2Files. That I'm usurping my powers as site moderator in order to shout this at you is intended as a public service, and should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me..... Not to mention-- Out of all the gamers on this site, I'd venture a guess and say that better than two-thirds, probably three-quarters of you, will already know what I'm about to say and will be ahead of the curve. But here goes. There are not enough Armada and Armada II game discs left in the world, my friends. Many of you still regularly enjoy the games enough to keep them pretty much permanently wedged into your CD-ROM drives. That goes for me, too. But I have a laptop I drag with me just about everywhere. I make regular backups of everything else on my hard drive. And I'd be a fool to drag my original A2 playing disc around with me just on the offhand chance that I'll be able to mod with it. That's why I make a point of playing A2 with a duplicate copy of the game disc-- just one. If anything happens to it, well, so much for that, I'll make another. It's not technically illegal, but I want to play A2 for years to come. And so do a lot of you, I'd bet. My point here is this: TAKE CARE OF YOUR GAME DISC. Treat it like the goddess it truly is, gateway to the greatness that is modded A2. If you can, make a backup copy and use that instead! Don't drag around that CD like a security blanket. Give it the respect it deservese! And remember that replacing it will become increasingly impossible to replace legally as time goes on. Last I checked you can't get one for less than $50 online. Your interest in modding this game isn't likely to change. It'd be a shame for the community to lose an active member and their contributions just because of the ever-likely scenario that something happened involving your game disc. CDs are hearty, and they'll take care of the data if you can take care of them. But remember: you'll kick yourself real hard if you don't. - the Kid :cool:
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