Return of the ImpSPCam!

By theStarfleetKid 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Recently there has been some interest expressed both her and on other sites in the resumption of the Improved Single Player Campaign. I am happy to report I have begun to work again on this project after a very long time due to some personal issues. I also had some other things to complete, such as A2PP X and the A2 Fighter Project. Now that both of these are up and off to a good start, I can resume work on ImpSPCam. Currently, I am working on ImpSPCam on the weekends and I hope to have the Instant Action portion ready for testing by early Spring. Of course I will release a video as soon as I have something worthy of your attention. I decided to do the Instant Action AIPs next because I think more people want this rather than the Borg Campaign. I suspect IA is by far the most popular game format in this Community. At first I had hoped to be able to quickly put all this together by borrowing from the two earlier releases. So far, it has not gone as planned. This is because the AIPs are not currently ruthless enough. There are also some resource issues on some of the smaller maps which need to be worked. On a large map with lots of resources, the AIPs are everything I want them to be. On a smaller map with limited resources, the AIPs do not offer the kind of challenge I think long time A2 players deserve and want. Yet. I would like to take the time here to publicly acknowledge all the great help I recieved while making the first two installments of this mod. These are the REAL modders behind ImpSPCam. All I did was write down their ideas and tell them how brilliant they are. So without further ado, I proudly present the ImpSPCam Team. Thanks guys! Y'all Rock! And without Y'all, ImpSpCam is a failure. Chiletrek - For being an excellent role model, as well having the patience to put up with uno loco Yanqui. Gracias, Jefe! Freyr - For some wickedly ebil ideas on deployment and force mixes, as well as his "Extra Spicy AIPs". Dark Energy (AKA: Ameba)- For being the most nitpicky, exasperating, frustrating playtester I have ever known. Danke Schon, mein fruend. Without your amazing ability to pull apart all my hard work, ImpSPCam would suck! lol. Starfox1701 - For actually playing through all the missions after the wreckage DE left in his wake. Also for listening to my crazy ideas at 5AM after working third shift. The Starfleet Kid - For never being too busy with either Real Life, running this place, or herding wet cats that he did not have time to listen to me whine and cry about how Meebs was being mean to me. Again. Oh. Yeah. Almost forgot. The first two installments will get a little makeover as well.

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