Some Changes to be Made

20 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Greetings users of Armada2files It has come to my attention that some changes are in need arround this website, so i have contacted the head administraton of the FilesNetwork and decided that as of now, All the staff will be fired unconditionaly, regardless of there current status. Seccondly, when the new FilesNetwork front end arrives to this site, it will be shades of Pink and Purple. These i feel mach the colours of nebulas very well, and also fit my sexual prefernce. Lastly, accsess to the site will be charged at an annual fee (currently planned at $20.99 per annum (or £15.99 per annum) depending on your current network status. New staff will be comprised of my personal relatives and be paied at a rait of £250 a week, paid for by your membership fees. Any questions on these actions may be directed to Nateanite who has approved the changes. FileTrekker Administrator

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