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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


I just thought i'd better post up a news item to make sure everybody knows what's happening.

Thunderfoot has a new job, and as a result he's not got much spare time and certainly not enough to put into the site. Being a really responsible chap, he decided he'd stand down as a staff member rather than stay on without the time to do anything.

In pre-emptive response to the questions about if we are looking to take on more staff, we are always looking if not actually recruiting. Just take a look at our "Apply to Volunteer" page for more information.

Joel was the designated forum moderator for our little corner of the forum, but he's now been away for a while and I think the forum admins were getting fed up with us (ab)using the "report" function to get things moved etc. In any event, we have been assigned a new forum moderator to deal with all the flame wars etc that are running out of control in our part of the forum. Um, alternately he might just delete double posts because we don't tend to have lots of people starting riots. :)

Anyway, our new Moderator is Datarock so feel free to bug him if you need some help on the forums.

I guess a lot of people are thinking "Who?!?!" right now. I certainly did! He's just had a name change from Mr Gav, who most people know better as Gavin1701 so we have an old member back again as a staff member rather than a total stranger.

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